How to Install Android on Windows Virtual Machine

Installing Android in Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager is very easy and requires only a few minutes to actually run Android on a Windows machine. Earlier I had shared articles about Bluestacks which is the perfect tool to Android Apps but installing complete Android 4.3 on Windows is something that I haven’t talked about yet. To install the Android 4.3 on a Windows-based system you need two software’s. First you need to install Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager and Download the latest Android-x86 ISO files at Google Code. In this tutorial I have used Android 4.3. Now follow the steps shown below to install Android on windows virtual machine.

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How to Install Android on Windows Virtual Machine

Steps to Install Android on Windows Virtual Machine

Open VirtualBox Manager to create a new virtual machine by clicking Blue color new button. Go through the wizard and configure your Virtual for Android per your need. Specifications I used to configure my Android Virtual Machine are as follows:

  1. Operating System – Linux and Other Linux (64 bit) as you can see in the image below
  2. RAM – around 3GB
  3. Hard Drive – 8GB

Android on Win - 1

Now you need to restart your virtual machine and don’t forget to mount the downloaded Android ISO File. When the system reboots you will see Ubuntu like option which allows either to use the operating system without installation and to install. Select Last Option which is Install Android -86 to hard disk.

Android on Win - 2

Next option will ask you to Create/Modify partition to install Android on Windows Virtual Machine. Select the option and press enter

Android on Win - 3

Now select the New option and press enter to create a new partition. Follow the instructions below to create new partition without any problem

  1. Select New to create partition
  2. After that Choose Primary option
  3. Highlight the Bootable option to make the partition Boot on start up
  4. Finally select Write option by moving the cursor from keyword arrow keys and type “Yes” to store the changes
  5. Now select the Quit option to go ahead with the installation process

Android on Win - 4

 After following the above steps you will see a new partition, select the partition and press enter to install Android on Windows. Follow the given steps to format and create a bootloader for an Android Operating System.

  1. Format the partition when asked in ext3 format
  2. When asked to install the GRUB bootloader, select yes
  3. Make sure to select Yes to install the /system directory as read-write

Android on Win - 5

There you go and your Virtual Machine is now ready with the Android Operating System.

Android on win - 6

Below you can see Running Android 4.3 on Windows Virtual Machine.

Android on win - 7

Comment below if you face any problem during installation of Android on windows virtual machine and if you like the post share with your friends also.

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