Increase uTorrent Download Speed with uTorrent Optimizer – Review

Increase uTorrent Download Speed with uTorrent Optimizer – There are a lot of searches for finding a way to increase download speed. Most of the people fail to understand that download speed are restricted to their broadband or internet connection. Earlier I posted about Increase IDM Download speed with IDM Optimizer in which I have carried out a small test to check download speed before and after installing IDM optimizer. Results are not such which make me jump off my chair. Now in this post, I am going to again post a review of uTorrent Optimizer which can be used to increase or Accelerate uTorrent Download Speed. Basic functioning of uTorrent Optimizer seems like IDM optimizer. IDM optimizer makes some changes in the registry values where uTorrent optimizer provides with most favourable settings for best downloading speeds.

Increase uTorrent Download Speed

Increase uTorrent Download Speed

How to Increase uTorrent Download Speed

Before comparing the downloading speed, I am going to show how to use uTorrent Optimizer to accelerate uTorrent Download Speed. Follow the steps given below:

  1. Download and Install uTorrent Speedup Pro Software.
  2. After installation is complete, you will see a small pop-up screen like below screenshot.Increase uTorrent Download Speed
  3. Click on “ACCELLERATE!” button to increase uTorrent download speed.

Test to Check whether uTorrent Speedup Pro Works or Not

To check is there any increase in uTorrent Download Speed, I have tested out by downloading an 8.8 MB file from torrent. Below are the results of the experiment:

Without uTorrent Speedup Pro

To download a file of 8.87 MB, my internet connection of only 1MBPS took around 1 min and 22 sec.

With uTorrent Speedup Pro

Well as it happens in IDM Optimizer, same occur here in uTorrent Optimizer. There is not much increase in downloading speed. In this case, to download a file of 8.87 MB, uTorrent took around 1 min and 19 sec. There is very minor increase in downloading speed. It may happen to give better results during downloading of big files but I am not impressed with the software. Moreover you have to install Toolbar, make changes to default search engine.

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