Increase Instagram followers: 5 winning strategies in 2021

In this new guide I have decided to summarize the 5 best strategies to increase Instagram followers in 2021.

All the methods you are about to read are aimed at making you reach unique followers who are truly interested in the content you publish.

Increase Instagram followers: 5 winning strategies in 2021

I will share strategies to increase followers in 2021. There are No cheats or apps or anything harmful to your profile.

1- Find your niche on Instagram

Today to become popular on Instagram it is necessary to identify a very specific niche, perhaps not beaten by the masses and to establish itself as a true reference point in the sector.

2- Create your style: a unique editorial plan

Image is everything on Instagram. Try to be original, use filters or create your own unique style.

You will hear from many people that organically increasing followers on Instagram is now practically impossible.

You can find several ways to achieve a unique style. Many use special filters using Lightroom . The only risk is to make the profile too flat, photos so similar as to make the whole rather boring.

3- Use the best formats starting with Reels

Choose the latest formats, the ones that users are enjoying the most. The Reels are a perfect example.

Today the format that generates the most conversions is video. Better is to remain at an average length of 15 seconds. Exactly like on TikTok .

4- Create a homogeneous group of hashtags

Use the best hashtags by making use of hashtastic, a simply indispensable tool.

IG allows you to enter up to 30 hashtags with small, medium and large hashtags.

To create a perfect group of hashtags I suggest you use the best tool out there: hashtastic. He’ll think about creating you a group of small, medium and large hashtags based on your niche.

5- Interact with target users

To become popular you should join the community through interaction.

For years there has been talk of follow / unfollow . Especially when the BOTs were the masters. 

Today you have to do everything by hand and that is why many agencies have closed their shops. Not us, who are highlanders ?

Follow these simple steps to increase followers.

  1. Find a profile in your niche with at least 100K and a good engagement rate
  2. Analyze it better using Njlitics
  3. Follow the users who have liked the latest photos
  4. Select quality profiles according to target and reachability coefficient. Avoid profiles that follow more than 1000 pages.
  5. To avoid getting blocked from IG remember to follow the hourly limits
  6. Increase Interaction with new followers by leaving relevant likes and comments.

Buy Instagram followers

Buying Instagram followers cheap  from trustable agencies is really difficult to find. Generally buying IG followers often means irreparably compromising your profile.

There are hundreds of agencies that promise you unique followers when in reality they are simply BOTs.


In this guide I have selected for you the 5 most effective methods to increase followers on Instagram in 2021. They can be applied individually or combined within a single winning strategy.

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