Incidents from My Life that gives me Hope everyday

Hope is something that should never be a missing factor of your life. But what is Hope or optimism towards life. Most of the people probably say building good career, earning lots of money is what they hope to achieve in future. But really, is it all about money or luxuries that you can earn in life? I believe that Hope for a better future starts with your better present life. I strongly support the fact that if you are happy with what you have today, you will surely get what you want to achieve in future. There is not a single story in my life that I can point out the one for motivating me for what I am, but there are incidents in my life that I remember and gives me optimism for a better future.

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Most influential incidents in my Life

First, I want to say that it’s my view to be happy with what you have today, there are people who believe working towards what you don’t have helps them achieve the goals of their life. There is nothing wrong in being aspirations towards greater goods in your life, but individually, sometimes when I saw life around me, I believe that there is Hope for everyone in the future. As I am saying again, Hope for me living like Human in the present nor future. Some of the incidents that give me optimism towards this are the following:

  • Starting from the very beginning getting admission in engineering college is not less than a Hope for me that I can also do something good with my life now. It’s not that I am spoiled student, but aiming for a medical career and failing in two attempts somehow broke me from inside. There is a little incident that makes way for me to be an engineer. One day my older brother suddenly told me father that I should skip AIIMS entrance exam as it is colliding with another engineering exam. The thought of my brother was that if I am not able to clear AIPMT, DPMT and other medical entrance than how can I clear AIIMS. So it is decided that I will give engineering entrance not a medical exam. At the day of the exam I was able to solve most of Physics and Chemistry questions, but since I was preparing for Medical exams, my math’s section was not went so well. Not hoping but sometimes you as it says “expect the unexpected”, I can see my name in the list of qualified candidates. After the counselling I got admission and seriously, I slept the best that day in my life. There are very few moments that give you real satisfaction from inside and that day was of those that gives me hope for a better future.
  • Second incident happened when I left IT industry after working there for 2 years. I left the company and started my business with my friend. We have faced lots of ups and downs in the business, but major upset came when Google updated their search algorithm and our blog faced a major setback. And to make things more badly our Adsense account got banned. That day was one of the worst moment of my life and I felt that I have lost everything. Leaving Job, getting banned from AdSense, facing Google search update, all things are pointing to the fact my future is ruined. But after a few hours my family said to me that “Don’t Worry, you can do it again”. Those few words turned my life and from disappointment I started feeling positive. More than anything I got strength from believing in me from my family. After that I have done my M. Tech and doing fine in my career now.
  • Third incident took place very recently in my life when I was driving to work from home. There is a certain place on my way to work with road running side by side to the Najafgarh drain (Familiar to Delhiites). Normally there is wall on both sides of the drain, but there are section uncovered. One day when I was driving, I saw few young kids not older 5 years playing on the side of the drain. That sight gave me Goosebumps and suddenly I started thinking about kids in our home. We get scared, seeing them playing on the edge of the bed which is only a couple of feet in height. But those kids are playing on the edge of the drain which will not be less than 35-40 feet from rapidly flowing water. But kids are enjoying themselves and their parents seemed happy to see their kids playing with open heart. That day I learnt that we should not complain about things that are missing from our life’s, but should be thankful for those that are presented to us. And one thing i realise that all should have some sort of security in life, such esi registration online, health cover etc. 

There is saying that life teaches you at every corner and at that day watching those kids playing on the edge of drain taught me that I should never lose hope and always work harder for making the future better for everyone.

Normally I don’t write about my life, but I have read certain lines at that makes me draft this article. Those lines are as follows:

As elusive as it may seem, optimism can be found all around – in the laughter of children, in the excitement on your pet’s face when you get back after a long day, and in the smile of your loved ones when you go back home after months of being away.”

I Hope you like the article.

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