iMyfone Umate Giveaway for Mother’s Day Till May 10th

Is your iPhone running out of space for important files? Or your device works too slow as storage is nearly full? Looking to free up some room on your iPhone? Before you can free up space with outdated methods to manage and clear space on your iPhone. Well, here is a simple method to free up more storage with iMyfone Umate in just a few minutes.

iMyfone Umate is a user-friendly iDevice cleaner, and is specially made to free up iOS space. Through securely clearing up junk files, clearing up temporary files, removing large files, compressing photo losslessly, and managing applications, this can make a huge room for iOS gadgets without deleting your photos, videos and apps manually and constantly.

Do a scan on your iDevice and know files which are hogging its space, iMyfone Umate will nattily search and list junks depend on the version of your iOS, type of device and the use of it, then will eliminate and remove them according to your choice. Clear lots of unused files to bring back profitable space, iMyfone Umate could just clean temporary and junk files thoroughly, but also can get rid of unused applications and remove large video that are more than 5M.

5 powerful functions of iMyfone Umate

  1. Junk Files – Without deleting any of your important data, iMyfone Umate can clean all the junk files on your iPhone by just one click!
  2. Temporary Files – After clearing, your iPhone will get back huge space and the iPhone data won’t be harmed at all.
  3. Photo manager – lossless photo compression can release 75% of your photo space. And with Umate, you can mass delete directly unwanted photos.
  4. Large Files – Umate can scan your iPhone and find all the videos which are over 5MB, You can select and delete them.
  5. App Storage – List all your apps according to the storage they take up and  allow you to select the multiple unnecessary apps to delete by one click.

Get iMyfone Umate for FREE in the Mother’s Day Giveaway Event

To celebrate the great Mother’s Day, the company has held a giveaway event for iMyfone Umate iPhone Cleaner. The program used to cost $29.95 will be totally free of charge till May 10th. Catch this opportunity to get your free iPhone/iPad/iPod cleaner.


How iMyfone Umate Works?

Step 1. Install the program and connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod to your PC/Mac.

Note: iTunes needs to be installed on your computer, though you won’t need to run the program.


Step 2.Click “Quick Scan ” to scan your iPhone/iPad/iPod.


Then you will be displayed with the calculation of the space can be freed up.


Step 3. After the scan, the program will display a bunch of unused data and things like cookies, caches, temps and histories. Simply tick the types you would like to clear, then Hit Clean button to free up space for your iPhone, iPad, iPod.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the software has saved 3.29GB space.


Get interested in the software? Seize Mother’s Day giveaway for iMyfone Umate, and you will get a free chance to try this out to reclaim several gigabytes of storage space for your iDevices in a few clicks.

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