Improve Your Work Process Right Now With OCR Software

We live in the age of technology and new and more advanced software is appearing every day as a result of that. It looks like software developers are always looking to create software that’s able to save time. One great example of that would be OCR (Optical Character Recognition). This software has many functions and it comes quite handy in different situations.

OCR Functions

As its name implies, OCR is being used to recognize characters. To be more specific, it can be used to convert different formats in to text. For example, OCR is able to take a photograph that has text in it and transform it in to PDF format. As everybody knows, PDFs are editable and searchable. Because of this feature, the software is being used by companies all around the world. Offices are being saved a lot of time because they aren’t required to search through piles of physical files before finding the information they need.

OCR Availability

The best thing about this software is that interested readers can download ocr from a bunch of different sources. Even better, it’s free. There are many developers which are offering OCR services. Some even allow people to use OCR directly through the browser without requiring them to download it on their computer.

How To Use OCR 

Even though converting a picture in to a PDF file might sound complicated it actually isn’t. OCR has been optimized to the point that all that users have to do is to scan the designated picture. Also, OCR features a “Batch” option. This way, users can scan more than one image at the same time and get the whole result as a complete document. This feature is quite nice since it allows OCR to scan big documents such as an essay. Another cool option that OCR has is the “Page Range” function. This can be used to select exact amount of text users want to convert and not deal with unwanted

OCR Features

This software seems to have been perfectly designated for college students. As previously mentioned, OCR is able to scan and convert an entire essay. This will means that college students can just scan their notes or documents and don’t lose any time rewriting them. Even better, they can take pictures of their school schedule or time table and then convert it PDF format. This way, they will be able to search through their schedule and see where they need to be in each day. Additionally, being able to edit those files is always better.

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