Impact of Technology on Students and Education

Technology has impacted almost every aspect of life in our day to day lives. You can virtually do everything with the help of technology.  From ordering food online, booking tickets, banking transaction, online booking cabs etc every field is getting changed, and of course, education is no exception in that. Even the education system has affected and impacted the teaching methods and materials used for teaching. There are various Online exams being conducted such as Olympiad exams, Government exams etc. Now anyone can search for Colleges, Courses, Exam easily in websites like GetMyUni.

Benefits of Technology on Students in Education:

Technology is one of the most valuable tools available in our fingertips. There are several benefits of technology in the Education sector than the old teaching techniques. Technology has changed the way of thinking of the students, it is making students think out of the box.

Technology made education interesting and interactive:

Now the classes can’t be boring, where teachers along with oral explanation can show them the videos from any of the video platforms like YouTube. Students can do PPT on their favourite topics by doing research online, or topics related to their syllabus. By doing research students can learn many things. Later they can present their PPTs using projectors in their class so that other classmates also get to learn and he himself can overcome stage fear. There are many gaming apps available in play store which is related to subjects like mathematics, science etc. Students can play a quiz to improve their general knowledge and puzzles for sharpening their brain. Schools and college provide smartboards in classrooms and free Wi-Fi for the students and faculties so that the students and faculties can make use of it to improve their knowledge. 


  • Technology makes Students think out of the box:


Earlier students didn’t have much facility and options to gain knowledge. Whatever their parents, teachers teach them, they had to believe that. There was a certain limit for their thinking. Students knew only those things which their parents, teachers knew or they teach. But now it’s not the same. Technology has changed the way of thinking, now students can think out of the box. Nowadays, students don’t have to blindly believe whatever his parents or teachers him. Now he can verify on the internet what he had thought and if it’s wrong he can correct his parents or teachers mistake. Students can aim big, he can have a role model, he can study about his role model and eventually with the help of present technology he can achieve more than his role model. That’s the power of technology today.

Students can do projects related to anything independently by learning from the internet. Students can go for any internships along with their studies by apply intern application online. Once the student is done with his studies he can look for jobs, apply for an interview online.

Role of Technology in long distance education:

Nowadays in this busy world prefer long distance education. People like working professionals, house makers, countryside people won’t prefer to go to class, listen to hours of lectures can opt for distance education, where they can go through the PPTs, notes whenever they are free or when they can make time for studies.

Another benefit of technology is students who missed classes or lectures due to some reason can through the notes at home. Any topics which he did not understand while being taught in class he can go through that topic in PPTs or he can refer google too.

Searching for Colleges online:

There are so many colleges, Exams Course these days, and it is very difficult for the students, parents to decide which college to opt?, which course to take?, what’s the course?, how to apply for it?, what is the procedure?, what is the course fee? Which exam to write? And so many such questions will arise. Again technology has an answer for it. Students can go through GetMyUni website where the students will get answers for all those questions. In GetMyUni, Students can also compare different colleges, decide any course it may B.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D or any such courses. Students can know about different exams like olympiad exams, GATE, CAT etc.

One Step towards nature:

It is always important not to ignore nature in the name of technology. It’s our duty to balance both technology and nature. Wherever it is possible, we have to do some favour to nature. Implementing technology in education, we can do that. By referring notes online instead of writing it down, by referring E-books. by writing assignments in Microsoft Word or Google docs and submitting it through email, by writing the exam online we can reduce the usage of paper and by doing that we can save lots of trees every time. It is not that easy and it is not just one step away. It needs time to happen. But we can start implementing it more

Figures and Facts:

These are the figures and facts obtained from the recent survey

  • 85% of students use smartphones to study.
  • 78% of students say adaptive technology has helped them to improve their grads
  • 65% of students say technology made them feel better prepared for
  • 49% of students say that technology has helped them to save their time
  • 90% of teachers have computers in their classrooms
  • 81% of teachers believe tablets enrich classroom learning
  • 71% of student engage more with digital course material

Drawbacks of Technology on Students:

As mentioned about technology has both positive and negative impact on education and students. These are the drawbacks of technology

  • Compared to old classrooms these smart classrooms are expensive it is difficult for some schools, colleges to implement. Parents can’t afford more fees. 
  • Students get distracted easily on the internet. Students will get tempted to use Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp. By using excess of social media they lose their concentration level
  • Students get addicted to mobile games until such an extent that they will be playing during class hours too. By doing that they won’t understand the topics covered in class.
  • Students will be watching adult movies, images on the internet.


Technology is an integral part of living in the 21st century. If we could fix those drawbacks and work more on the benefits of technology then technology definitely will be a boon to humankind.

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