Huaptec Mobile Signal Boosters: Life without Connection Problems

Just imagine.

You’re sending your children to a camp located in the forest area. There’re no shops or houses nearby and no coverage over 2-kilometer distance. Your children are just disconnected from the whole world and in case they want to come back home urgently, how will they call you?children

Your mother pensioner lives alone in the suburbs. To make or receive a call she has to go outside the house. Crossing the room, she loses her footing and falls down. How will she contact somebody to ask for help, lying on the floor inside the house?

These are examples of almost dead-end situations, caused by poor mobile signal. Let us remember numerous more common signal problems people face daily, like lost clients because of line breaks in the office, unsatisfied hotel guests because of inaccessible 3G, and so on and so forth.


But not for nothing they say there’s always a way out. We have one for you – a HiBoost mobile signal booster. It is a small, light and elegant device used to improve mobile connection quality and resolve any cellular signal problem you may face.

Signal booster is also called a repeater since it repeats strong cellular signal from the outside and brings it directly to your cell phone. Mobile signal booster allows from 80 up to 220 phones in one zone, so it’s applicable both to small houses, apartments and large business centers, supermarkets, etc. Mobile repeater works in a system with two antennas. One antenna is fixed outdoors to pick up the signal from the base mobile station, another one as well as a booster – inside the house.


If one more electronic device in your home raises fear about excessive electromagnetic rays, you’ll be surprised. Cell phones irradiate much in poorly covered areas, as they have to search for stable mobile signal all the time. Improving cell phone signal reception, repeaters decrease radiation level up to 60 times and provide longer phone battery life. Moreover, HiBoost equipment obtained CE- and RoHS-compliance certifications, which prove its conformity to European safety, quality and environmental legislations.


HiBoost devices are designed and produced by Huaptec company. It’s a huge manufacture with an output of over 8000 units per month, independent R&D department and regional offices in Europe, India and the USA.

So, if you happen to get into signal trouble, go to Huaptec booster online store and find your way out there!

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