HTML 5 based games – New Gaming Genre which is going to be next Big Thing

Rarely a day pass when new game is not launched in the market. But are all the games really good or attract the audience. The answer is “No” and one of the main reasons could be lack of unified standard.

Here comes the solution for this problem: Games based on HTML5.

HTML5 was developed essentially for the purpose of providing unified support so that all the information from all corners of the globe can be viewed on any device, anytime from anywhere.

Initially HTML was build to develop static web pages but with the requirements and advancement in technology Dynamic version of HTML came which enabled developers to use scripts in HTML codes. But the latest Buzz in HTML Development is HTML5 which is build to develop games.

Some of the Best Games running on HTML5 platform are the following:

Angry Birds

Quake II

Web Snooker

Bubble Trouble 

The Convergence

Crystal Galaxy

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