HTC 10: The Best Phone Ever from the Company

It has been just few days since HTC revealed the HTC 10 which is widely being dubbed as the best phone from the company so far. By many considerations, this handheld device from HTC is likely to take on Galaxy S7 from Samsung, LG’s G5, and iPhone 7 of Apple.

HTC gave many master strokes in respect of design, specs, camera, battery power and storage.  HTC 10 is going to come in 32GB and 64GB versions and with the help of card slots you can enhance memory as far as 2TB. Though we are not sure of the price tag, the unlocked version may cost somewhere around $699 or £569. While you can order in advance to grab the phone as soon as it hits the market, the demand of the team can be soaring high.

HTC 10: The Best Phone Ever from the Company

The phone has a 3,000mAh battery inside that can be easily recharged by using a rapid charger. It allows safe charging as it takes the heat out of phone. The 12 Ultra Pixel rear camera is a huge boost to its image capturing capability. On top of it all HTC 10 is powered by a Quad Core Snapdragon 820 chipset along with 4GB of RAM.

Basically this is a desperate attempt from the company to stay viable as the flagship smartphone manufacturer rubbing shoulder with other stalwarts. The recent campaign unleashed with the tagline “Power of 10” is a clear indication of how the company views the device. With the new launch company is not trying to attract much attention to design as it offers a similar HTC look and feel at first countenance, but specs and feature set remains the key aspects in the campaign. This latest flagship from HTC offers a lot more than just a superb metal design, higher quality camera and unmatched performance. The new design is equally worth mentioning with a full glass front merging with the metal finished body.

Tweak with the design

First of all, the all new HTC 10 offers a similar look compared to the quintessential look of a HTC phone. From the backside, it looks more similar to the HTC One M7, M8 and M9 devices. But this time the curved metal back will be least pronounced and more flatter in feel. Compared to the predecessors the edges of the new phone are much sloped. Except the capacitive touch home button the device offers a similar like One A9 device of the company. In all regards the design is quite impressive.

One more time, we are going to come across an advanced phone made in unibody style honed from metal. On the rear side of the device one can find two distinct antenna bands allowing a cap looking effect atop the phone and at the bottom. The chassis of the device is also curved to a certain extent. These design elements helps users having a better grip of the device. What is most interesting is the chamfered edging allowing more penetration of light in certain conditions.

HTC following its tradition went for capacitive keys in this new phone also which makes Back navigation and Multitasking easier than ever before. There is also a Home key in the new device that works as a fingerprint scanner for Android Pay and any kind of encrypted access.

HTC 10 display

HTC 10 is coming up with a 5.2 in LCD display with 5 QHD (ppi 564). In respect of visual output and technically the said display seem to offer the similar output like the competitors Samsung and LG, but the HTC’s faith on LCD may actually prove to be disadvantageous to beat the competition. As majority of phone makers including market leaders like Apple is going to use AMOLED panels if not already done. Naturally, in comparison to them the use of a slightly backdated technology like LCD can put HTC in disadvantage. As per HTC the new display of HTC 10 is 30% brighter than its previous model. In overall measure the brightness, clarity and contrast of the panel seems quite satisfactory.

More powerful HTC 10 camera

HTC 10 made good news because of its high pixel enriched camera with several things on offer. HTC 10 offers a 12MP Ultra Pixel camera that comes with a 1.55um pixel size, wide enough f/1.8 aperture and features like optical image stabilization and 2x wide zoom range and super fast laser autofocus.

In front facing camera also there are some hefty improvements. The front camera sensor is groomed as an Ultra Selfie camera consisting of 5MP sensor, 86 degree wide angle lens, 1.34um pixel size and wide f/1.8 aperture size just like the rear camera. Undoubtedly the camera of the new HTC phone to come has lot more to offer than most of its competitors.

Big update on audio

Besides the camera, which seems to be a big upgrade for HTC, there are other commendable improvements as well. The BoomSound technology typical of HTC phones a champion so far in making the brand popular among generations of users will be far better in this phone.

HTC 10 has already been certified for Hi-Res audio as it has been designed to deliver sound effects exactly the original way artists and publishers intended. The headphone amplifier of the HTC 10 is reportedly two times powerful in output compared to any of the conventional ones. It allows optimum level of raising the sound up to 24-bit audio. Moreover, you can enjoy optimum sound quality as the upcoming HTC device is going to offer at least ten times lower distortion level than any other devices presently in the market. This impressive and all-round audio performance of HTC 10 stands supreme.

HTC in this new phone also came up with a whole new re-mastered its typical BoomSound speakers in both design and output. Now you have the similar kind of distinct tweeter and woofer design as you find in leading brands of acoustic sound systems. Furthermore, the dedicated amplifier is attached with each speaker. The end result is a crystal clear scalable sound that can be equally massive and delicate as the listening demands.

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