How to Write Grammatically Correct Article in Blogger and WordPress Blog

I know that I am not very proficient in English writing, but does it means I can’t write good quality articles? The answer is no, I am still learning and it is the saying that experience teaches everything. You have to continue learning more and more and what if you get assistant from tools and service that makes you write grammatically correct English articles, wouldn’t you be excited. In this post I am going to tell you how to draft articles that are properly checked for spelling and grammar at no cost. 


How to Write English Spell and Grammar Error Free Articles

Some of the Bloggers think if they give information without formatting the way of presentation than also it won’t matter to the user, because they are getting the information. But it is not true, if your articles have mistakes like spelling, grammar error then it will leave a bad impression on the visitors and raise questions about the credibility and professionalism. In the following article, tips and plugins that I am using to make the articles more English error free are described.

Use Spell Checker

It is the most basic thing that you need to do when writing something. This is not a tough task to do, as almost every blogging platform can let know you with the spelling mistakes with red underline and tells you the correct spelling. So you can easily correct the wrong spelling. It is not the thing that bothers most of the bloggers, the thing that makes blogger worry is how to write grammatically correct English articles. Well thanks to some of the free online services you can check the error in your articles and if possible correction is suggested. 

Top Online Services to Check English Grammar

There are many services, some free that allows you to check the article. Some of the sites are as follows:

 Using any of the above services you can check for grammatical error in your article.

What I use to write Article with no Spelling or Grammar Error

I know that I am not 100% correct when it comes to grammar, but I started two services recently on my Blog which has helped me a lot in recognizing the errors and correcting them. If you are running the Blog on WordPress then there is a plugin ‘After the Deadline’ which allows you to check for spelling and grammar errors in the post writing area. You can download the plugin from here. After downloading the plugin activate the plugin to use. To use the plugin it is very simple, when you have completed the writing part of the article just click on the button ‘ABC’. See the screenshot below for clarity.


In the beginning I use only ‘After the Deadline’ plugin, although it is very useful but some grammatical error is still there and the plugin is explaining me the error but there is no automatic solution available. Then I found another tool which is a software and browser extension which shows the error and the correction also. You just have to click on the correction to replace the wrong part of the article. This extension is available for most of the browsers and known as ‘Ginger’. You can get the software to correct the English for word docs and browser extension to correct for online docs from here. Using this service has helped me a lot in making the article more error free. Using this plugin is even simpler than the earlier methods. Once the extension is installed on your browser, you can start seeing the errors and the correction in the text area whether you are writing in WordPress, Blogger, any CMS or even drafting an email. Parts with errors are highlighted as blue and hovering of the mouse on the blue part shows the correction, which if clicked replace the error and if you feel that the correction is not right then you can cross the highlighted text. Below you can see the errors in this article before I published it on the Blog.


Try this and share your experience by commenting below. If you know any other method then you are most welcome to share that with us.


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