How to Write A Perfect Article

Since an early age, many people want to adopt writing as their career. As, famous novelist Paulo Coelho once said that since his childhood, he wanted to become a writer and his determination and commitment fulfilled his dream. 

Some love to be freelancers, while others want to become travel bloggers. Many people want to sit in their cozy cabins, while looking snowfall from the window, and try to write award-winning novels or Marketing sales pitch. It depends on how they want to live their life. If you want to be a well-recognized writer, you will need to put some effort to make your dream come true. Otherwise, you will end up living the same boring life; you will be graduated from University. You will start with an internship and ultimately getting a job that will fulfill your needs. Getting married, raising your children, but your dream will be buried under the ashes of necessities. 

Well, if you are stuck in holding up a luxurious life and can’t put enough energy to look back to dream, there are many other ways to become a writer. You can work as a freelancer for websites and different companies. Along with becoming a writer, you will also be able to earn a handsome amount. 

Before taking an initial step towards becoming a writer, you need to build a strong commitment with yourself that you will produce not just quality articles but articles that create value to the reader. You need to produce dazzling content that can hook the reader. It will make the reader interested in your article, and the one for whom you will be crafting the content will continue to work with you as he/she will be seeing interest from the reader. 

Content writing is a very lucrative field. You will need to produce such material that can fulfill all the required needs of readers. Webmasters do not need to fill up their sites. They want concrete, precise, and relevant information for the reader. Below you will find a few steps that will help you to write an entire article. 

Research Work

Before starting to write anything, conduct research on the assigned topic, it will help you to grab information. You will be able to get an idea of the framework of the topic. It will let you know about the construction of the article; you will be able to segregate the text into different sections. Try to be concise while drafting and stick with related stuff without moving here and there. 


The subject line or the title is as essential as the inner core of the article. It determines either the reader is going to open the link or will move away. Spend as much time as you can only to craft an attractive title. It will not only impress webmaster but will attract the reader as well. 


The intro of the article helps the reader to decide to read further or not. So, try to absorb the reader into your content, so that he/she scrolls down to read further. 

Crux of Content 

The crux of the article is the inner core. You need to be very careful while writing this part as it will determine either the reader has gained his/her required information. If it’s good enough, then the reader will surely revisit the site. It will help to build loyal readers. So, focus on this part to produce high-quality content. 


Your conclusion must be limited to a single paragraph. It must contain all the previous information you provided in a precise way. It must be a recap for the reader. Try to answer all the points that you think the reader is looking for. 


Before submitting your article, you need to take an in-depth look at your content. It will help you to submit an error-free content. Try to focus on your grammatical structure, spellings, and vocabulary as well.

If you are ready to write articles and wants to pursue it as a career, you can also take free online courses; you can also use the article rewriter tool by smallseotools to produce content. All you need is to spin your article, but you will need to spend a bit time in proofreading. So, sit on your seat and start writing instead.

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