How to watch Torrent Videos without Downloading – Stream with Roxplayer

Want to know “How to Watch Torrent Videos without Downloading” then Roxplayer is the answer. Roxplayer is the latest media player arrived, with very creative and interesting concept of streaming torrent files. The player allows users to watch video files from torrent without actually downloading them on their system. The streaming works for both audio and video files. Another use that I found of Roxplayer is to test the quality of the torrent file before downloading. Most of the torrent files doesn’t come with sample and after downloading we found that either audio is not sync or video is not view-able. To prevent yourself from such problems just copy the torrent magnet Uri in the Roxplayer and watch the quality and decide afterwards whether to download complete file or not.

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Tutorial on how to watch torrent videos without downloading

Using Roxplayer is very simple, first you need to download the software from here. Install it on your system and open the player for the first time. You will see a very clean interface much like VLC Media player. Navigate to the File Menu and Click on Open torrent which will further show three different options to select the torrent source. In the screenshot below you can see I have selected torrent magnet link.

Stream Torrent Media files

Stream Torrent Media files

Next you will see a dialog box where Torrent Magnet link needs to be entered. See the image below, in which I have added a torrent magnet of movie for testing. After entering torrent magnet link, click on OK button.

 watch video from torrent without downloading

Roxplayer took around 3-4 minutes to buffer the video before start playing media file without actually downloading the file on my system. In the screenshot below, you can see the video being played in the screen with details of the torrent file displaying in the window title bar. At the below of the media player you can see the downloading speed which is around 980kb/s in my system.

How to watch Torrent Videos without Downloading

How to watch Torrent Videos without Downloading


Very nice and powerful media player to have in your system. Not only this helps you watch torrent videos without downloading but you can also try the torrent file before downloading. Another thing I like about the Roxplayer tool is the option to add YIFY movies plugin that allows you to Browse and watch all YIFY rip movies in excellent DVD, 720p, 1080p.

I Hope you like the post – How to watch Torrent Videos without Downloading. If you know any other media player comment below to share with all.

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