How to Use Technology in the Workplace to Motivate Employees


What’s more important? To have highly-talented employees or highly-motivated ones? It’s a tough question to be sure, but an unremarkable yet highly-motivated employee will achieve much more than a gifted one who doesn’t want to work. 

So obviously it’s pretty important to find ways to motivate the people who you’ve hired to help make your business a success. While there are many good methods for doing this that are as old as business itself, technology provides us with new ways to boost motivation levels. 

Measure Motivation

The smartphone app stores have rapidly filled up with a flood of self-help and personal coaching applications. It’s easy to dismiss is all, but some of these apps are useful for setting personal goals and then sticking to them. 

It’s worth looking for one that can be repurposed for the same job in your business. Often a main block to motivation and productivity is poor goal setting or the inability to stay on task. A good personal coaching app can do wonders in cases like those.

Provide Flexible Work Spaces

According to a recent study 93% of remote workers say that they are more productive, so it may be a good idea to let your employees spend some time away from the office. It works best when they have to do tasks that require long concentration periods without interruption. 

Of course, the study also highlights a few different drawbacks, so it may be best to limit remote work days to two or three per week.

Track and Reward Good Work

Thanks to the fact that we are all online all the time anyway, employers can now get way more insight into what their employees are actually doing and whether they are performing in line with expectations. 

By using technology-supported products like Advance systems you can keep a finger on the pulse of your workers and reward or perform interventions at the right time. It’s very important that rewards-based motivation boosts are timed correctly and modern software solutions make that a much easier job.

Encourage Professional Development Through eLearning

Learning new skills and expanding knowledge are both great ways to make people feel more confident and eager to take on challenging tasks. The problem is that working adults have little time to learn when they need to work. 

Thankfully you can now learn just about anything at your own pace and at a time of your choosing. By giving your employees a space to develop themselves you not only improve the skills pool of your business, you also help people feel motivated through the reward of accomplishment. 

Gamify the Workplace

Thanks to modern internet and computer technology, the art of gamification is having a bit of a revival. Gamification is the practice of taking the elements that make up games and applying them to things that are not games such as school or work. 

These game elements can be things like badges, trophies, points, leaderboards, and so on. By making use of app that gamify your productivity or building your own gamification solution it’s possible to really supercharge workforce motivation. 

Gamification is not for the faint of heart or ill-prepared though. If you do it wrong you can make motivation worse. So it’s worth reading up on it or getting a professional consultant to give you advice on practical gamification. 

Hi-ho, It’s Off to Work We Go!

A motivated employee is a productive and hopefully happy one. The art of managing motivation levels used to be an intense one, but now technology has thankfully made it just that much easier. 


Image is Public Domain via Pixabay

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