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There are lots of good TV series and videos that are available to view directly from the production websites. But are you able to view that? Most of the viewers from outside US are not able to view that content. It happens lot of time while viewing videos on YouTube also that you will land on the message saying “selected video is not available in our region”.  Looking at a way to overcome this and watch my favorite videos that is restricted in my region, I visited Google Chrome Extension page and found a very useful extension which is also available for other browser’s also. HOLA is the browser extension which lets you watch videos that are not available in your country.

How to watch Videos Restricted in your Country/Region?

Install the extension depending on the browser you are using by visiting this link

After installation is complete you can see a small icon in your browser right end corner as shown below

New Picture (11)

Clicking the icon will let you either to enable or disable the plug-in. Some of the sites that can be made to bypass are listed in the plug-in as shown below.

New Picture (7)

I personally tested the plug-in by disabling and open restricted video and same message display about unavailability of video in my region, but when I enabled the plug-in and reload the same page, video plays perfectly without any warning or quality degradation. 

Note: This article just presents the review of one of the browser extension. Using this extension depends on your need and interest.



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