How to Test and Optimize website for Mobile and Other device Platforms

There are times when Desktop PC’s are used in majority, slowly but steadily that has been overtaken by Laptops and now is the time for mobile devices such as Smartphone’s, Tablets. Viewing normal website on Mobile or Tablet may not be a pleasant experience as website does not get scale up properly. Website owners are trying very hard to launch mobile version of website to maintain the visitor’s interest in their venture. So how to decide whether website will be load appropriately on mobile devices. Here comes as app Dimensionsapp which can be used to test your website look on mobile devices.

How Technokarak.Com Test out on Dimensionsapp?

I personally test my Blog Technokarak on Dimensionsapp and below I am going to present step by step approach that I followed while reviewing the service and testing of my blog for mobile device compatibility.

 1 Visit DimensionsApp website and enter the url of your website in the box as shown below

New Picture

2 Now Hit Begin Test button and you will see a new window displaying your site in Mobile Version

3 There are various layouts available to view your website such as Mobile Portrait, Landscape and Tablet view. You can click any one of those and it will display site layout in predefined settings accordingly. Below is the figure showing Technokarak in Tablet Portrait view

New Picture (11)

4 After testing you can go to Home screen of DimensionsApp and click ‘Present Site’ tab and set project name and enter the URL as shown below and click present site.

New Picture (12)

It is a very nice service to test the Mobile device version of your website before launching it in real world.

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