How to Start with Your First 4D Ticket

One of the first things that are perhaps in everyone’s head if they wish to get started on the 4D lottery is where to buy their 4D tickets. The straightforward answer is that you have two options. One may choose to purchase the tickets at an authorized retail outlet or purchase online through Singapore Pools.

You can also place your bets through authorized retailers and the Singapore Pools’ website. You don’t even have to boot up a computer to do this as there is a Singapore Pool mobile app available that would let you place bets on the go.

Placing your 4D bets

Once you’ve finally got your hands on the 4D lottery tickets, it’s time for you to learn the basics and the rules of the game. Like most lotto games in the world, 4D is one that’s easy to learn and understand.

For starters, you simply have to pick four digits to form a number from 0000 to 9999. You then place your bet for as low as $1 or go higher as much as $100. You also get to choose to place a Big bet or a Small bet depending on whichever mode you like.

Placing a Big bet will get you to win a prize if the 4D results have your number in any prize category. Meanwhile, placing a Small bet will only win you a prize if your number appears in the top three prize categories.

That said, while it would appear that placing a Small bet might be less beneficial, it has its own advantages. For one, one of its main selling points is that it lets your prize money be multiplied whenever you match any of the top three prize categories. Not bad, eh?

There’s also an option to place bets on both the Big and Small bets for the same exact number. Winning a prize requires not only the exact number but also the sequence in which the numbers are placed. For example, purchasing the numbers 7890, and the 4D result shows 8907, means there’s no prize for you.

The only instance that you’ll win a prize in that scenario if you happen to choose the iBet option on your 4D ticket. We’ll talk more a bit about iBet shortly.

For now, draws are done every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. For each lottery draw, there are 23 sets of winning numbers. Obviously, the prize you win will depend on the prize category that your 4D lottery number falls under, including the options or bet types you have selected.

Types of 4D bets

Speaking of bet types, who would have thought that as simple as this x? s? hôm nay game, there would be a handful of ways to expand upon its simplicity. Here are the different 4D bets that you can choose to do with your 4D ticket.


Ordinary is basically everything we have discussed so far. Since every other betting type is completely optional, by default, you are always playing the Ordinary 4D bet. You pick the numbers, declare how much you wish to bet, and that’s it.

System Entry

System Entry allows you to buy more sets of 4D numbers or combinations of the numbers you’ve picked. This means it can cover all grounds, rearranging your chosen numbers as a separate bet. However, this will increase the cost of your bet, costing the ticket more.


This is your betting option if you wish to increase your odds of winning on a 4D result today. While System Entry is definitely pricey, iBet is a great alternative. It is basically the same as System Entry but only for a cost of $1. The only string attached is that your prize money will be less and affected.

4D Roll

4D Roll is the final type of 4D entry you can choose to do with your ticket. All you need to do is only pick 3 and mark the letter “R” in the column of the supposedly 4th number. The “R” symbol represents any number from 0 to 9. It’s like the blank tile in Scrabble.

However, please note that choosing 4D Roll will cost you 10 times more than your initial bet amount.

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