How to Skip or Bypass Links like, Adfoc and Linkbucks

How to Skip Short Links – There are many URL shorterners available in the market such as, Adfoc and Linkbucks. These URL Short services unlike Google Short URL pays publisher/web admin money based on the traffic send to them. Most of the Short URL advertisers pays very little amount like 1$ for 1000 impression but they do pay and that makes some websites administrations to use Short links on their platform. As a user I used to get frustrated seeing these advt. on every links. To overcome this annoying service there are many tools and tricks which enable automatic bypassing of such links. In this post I have discuss some of the services to bypass short URLs.

Methods to bypass url shorterning links automatically

1. AdsFight!Userscript – This is a very efficient method to bypass or skip links if you are using Firefox or Chrome browser. Click here to download/install script. After downloading you have to drag the script file to the “Settings > Tools > Extensions” page to install the script in chrome.  

2. Redirection Helper Userscript – This extension helps Skipping the redirection of linkbucks,,, etc. To install the extension on firefox you need to install Greasemonkey and then install extension from greasemonkey whereas on chrome you can simply just install the extension from link.

3. DeadFly Online Bypasser Tool – Deadfly is an online tool for bypassing and skipping the short urls without clicking on Skip Ad button and you don’t have to wait for specific time. Deadfly Tool is available here. As shown in the figure below just paste the url and hit Deadfly! button.

DeadFly Online Bypasser Tool

Try the methods and let us know whether they work or not.

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