Gmail Auto Reply Setting Guide with Vacation Responder Option

Automated Reply is the most important email application that you want in your mail client. Outlook offers such facility out of the box. Gmail is now one of the best and most used email client used. If you are running a website or Blog then you have to check your emails regularly so that you can answer that are posted to you by visitors. And if you are a vacation then don’t replying to them doesn’t leave a good impression and it will affect you authenticity over the users. In this simple tutorial you can learn how to set up Automated Reply in Gmail.

How to setup Gmail Auto Reply during Vacations

I am using the word ‘vacations’ in this article every time because the feature itself is called as ‘ Vacation Responder ’ and its work as follows

1 Login into your Gmail Account and go to the settings page by clicking ‘Settings’ from the menu of Account Options

Gmail Auto Reply enter into gmail settings

2 There if you scroll down you can see Options for ‘Vacation Responder’ and by default this option is off, you have turn the application on

Gmail Auto Reply Vacation responder

3 Turn the Vacation Responder On

Turn Vacation Responder on

4 In the Subject Field you can set the Subject that will be used to send the autoreply mails and in the message type the default message like ‘Thanks for the mail, I will get back to you in a couple of days’ or any message you want to use.

Gmail Auto Reply SEt Subject and Message

5 Save the Option and your Gmail account is enabled to send automatic reply if you are not able to check and reply to mails. One more option that you can set is to send an automatic reply to a certain number contacts by checking the box ‘Only send a response to people in my Contacts’. Checking this box will ensure that only email that are coming from contacts that are already present in your list gets automatic reply and anonymous emails are left out from this Vacations Responder Option.

Gmail Auto Reply to certain emails

There you go, please let us know if you face any issue by commenting below.

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