How to Run Firefox OS on PC with Simulator

 Firefox OS is the latest Operating System to come into the market. This OS is basically developed for Mobile devices and created by Mozilla’s Boot to Gecko project. Firefox OS is not yet out in the market on any mobile device but the functionality of the operating system can be easily tested out on Windows PC with installation of very simple Simulator in Firefox Browser.

Running Firefox OS on Windows PC System 

In the following section i will tell you how to run Firefox operating system on windows PC  Below is the step by step guide that will help you out in installing and using Firefox on your system and in the end video is also added created by Technokarak. 

1 Download and Install the plugin for Simulation of Firefox OS. Open your Firefox browser and visit url and download the plugin as shown below in the figure.

New Picture

2 Install the plugin by clicking on ‘Install Now‘ button as shown below. Note : if there are warning regarding some script then don’t stop the operating. I have got 3 warning before installation gets completed.

New Picture (1)

3 Navigate to ‘Web Developer Menu’ from Main Menu and click on the ‘Firefox OS Simulator’ Menu. See figure below

New Picture (7) 

4 Initially the status of the simulator is Stopped as shown below

New Picture (2)

5 Click on Status and change it to Running. Immediately you will see a new windows running Firefox OS

New Picture (3)

6 Screen showing Initial home screen of Firefox OS

New Picture (4)


Some of the screens of Firefox showing Settings and Other Screens are below:


 New Picture (5)

New Picture (6) 

Tutorial Video of how to install Firefox OS on Windows PC – TechnokarakTV Videos


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