How to Recover Water Damaged iPhone

There’s nothing more tragic than getting your iPhone damaged. People do this very frequently and there are many reasons for the damage.

But, the most common damage among these is smashed screen followed by water damage. According to a survey by Square trade, 69% of damage is caused by the iPhone owners themselves and among them, most common damage is Liquid or Water damage.

Liquid damage contributes to 43% of the total damage causes. Also, the most common place where iPhone gets damaged by liquid is the toilet and the washing machine. There have also been incidents of people damaging their iPhones by spilling soda, beer or coffee over it. And we have to mention this – Liquid damage is probably the worst damage among all the others, as there are 100% chances of getting your data lost or deleted unless you have a backup.

You could take it to the Apple store but unless your phone has an AppleCare insurance it’s really worthless since Apple’s warranty does not cover liquid damaged. But, don’t worry, to help you out we have listed some of the most reliable manual solutions

  1. Never turn on your iPhone if it’s wet. And if it is already plugged in, carefully remove the iPhone from the plug and switch it off. This will prevent its internal parts from short circuiting and hence, will not cost you more damage.
  2. Next, shake the iPhone to remove the remaining water or liquid from the phone.
  3. Take a clean and a dry cloth, preferably a dry towel to wipe the excessive micro-droplets from the iPhone.
  4. This step is optional. You can dismantle your iPhone using toolkits available in the market. But it’s not recommended as they’re third party vendors and not trustworthy.
  5. Place the iPhone in a bowl full of rice or silica gel and zip it in a bag. Make sure the rice is uncooked and cover the iPhone in rice or Silica gel fully. Rice and Silica Gel helps to soak the moisture from each part of the iPhone. And it is probably the longest and cheapest available method to dry out any gadget. You can get Silica Gel from any Crafts store. Lock the zip bag.
  6. If you don’t have rice or silica to help you, then you can try keeping your phone at the place which you use to dry out your laundry. A place that is too dry, devoid of any humidity and well ventilated.
  7. Keep the iPhone for at least 48 hours.
  8. Now you can take your iPhone out and check.
  9. For iPhone, there comes a ‘Liquid Contact Indicator’, usually located on the bottom-right of the screen, like a small round hole. Locate this LCI.
  10. If it is red, it means your iPhone is water damaged. If the iPhone is not damaged, the LCI should have the normal color which is usually white or silver.
  11. If LCI is not red, then you can turn on the iPhone and check for any other damage.

Always remember, if you don’t know what to do or don’t want to try out any of these methods, you can contact Apple store. But never ever use your Hair dryer. Hair Dryer blows hot air that can make iPhone hot and can melt its parts. You need to vacuum your phone instead of making it dry by hot air. So always keep your iPhone away from any such hot air emitting device.

 Now, once you’ve successfully recovered your iPhone from the water damage, you can check for the data loss. Usually after the damage, the phone will be restored to its factory settings and you may lose your data. A quick and an easy way to recover your data would be to get your backup using iTunes or iCloud. But if you’ve not created any backup, then don’t worry. You can still recover your data using Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone. It’s a recovery tool especially made for iPhones and it can recover all your data including messages, contacts, notes, and calendar.

Here are some of the noteworthy features of Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery tool for iPhone:


Complete Solution

Right from WhatsApp messages to Call History, Stellar can recover all the data from iPhone. It can even recover the existing and previously lost or deleted data from your iPhone. You don’t need to install different tools for recovering different types of files from your iPhone.

Recover Contacts:

One of the biggest dilemmas after iPhone damage is searching for the lost or deleted contacts. We all know how difficult is to keep up with the contacts and keep a copy of them. But thanks to Stellar iPhone Recovery Software, you can now recover your deleted contacts from the iPhone. You can even save them in CSV, HTML or VCF format with other details and photos.

Recover Messages:

Losing your crucial business or personal messages is not at all acceptable. Losing any such messages along with attachments can give you a huge loss. But using Stellar iPhone Recovery, you can recover the deleted or lost messages from iPhone or iCloud and iTunes, with their attachments.

Recover Call History:

We take lots of calls every day, some of which are important and some are not. Losing your unwanted call history may not matter to you, but you certainly don’t want to lose the important ones. Stellar iPhone Recovery recuperate the call history and lists them accordingly.

Recover Notes:

How important Notes are? Some of us write numbers, codes, passwords, and list-to-do and what not in our Notes! You can recover your Notes using Stellar iPhone Recovery, with their respective attachments!


Want to scan your iPhone on PC? Stellar iPhone Recovery is compatible with both iOS and Windows. It’s one of the key features of Stellar as it gives user flexibility to connect iPhone with any PC to recover their data.

That’s how you can fix the iPhone Liquid or Water Damage problem. If this solution does not work for you, then contact your nearest Apple store or center and use professional tool like Stellar iPhone Recovery Software to recover data from your iPhone.

And for the next time, try to keep more than one backup copy of your data and update it regularly to save yourself from any critical damage and high cost of repair.

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