How to Organize Files into Custom Folders automatically based on extension

There are lot of files present in our system and with different type of extension. Searching from that massive collection of files is not very easy task. As our broadband and internet speed in increasing day by day we are downloading more and more files and don’t even bother to manage then properly. With such huge amount of files we don’t even care searching later on and it happens most of time that we download that file again. One way that I use to overcome from this issue is creating separate folders and managing the files accordingly but doing that manually is not easy and it takes lot of time and effort

Is there an Automatic Way of Managing Files based on extension?

Yes, there is and in this article we are going to review software which helps in managing files automatically in related folder based on file extension.

One such tool is Desktop Intray which lets you automate the process of managing and organizing your files into related folders based on the extension of the file.

How to Manage File based on File extension using Desktop Intray Software

In this article we are going to present a step by step guide to use Desktop Intray utility software.

1 Download Desktop Intray Software 

2 Open Desktop Intray Software tool as shown in the figure below

New Picture (1)

3 Copy the files in the folder created on Desktop with name ‘Desktop Intray Folder’. In this tutorial I have copied 4 files two are csv and two are arff files as can be seen in the figure below.

New Picture

4 Do the settings part in the Desktop Intray Software user interface. As we have mentioned in the figure below. You can also set the time after which this utility tool will recheck and if any file extension matches the rule you set then it will move that file in the related folder.

New Picture (2)


Video Demo of Desktop Intay

Conclusion : A great utility tool to have. Try it once and let us know your views.

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