How to Operate a Data-Driven Marketing Program

Data-driven marketing is the trending concept that every business is adopting these days. Basically, this is a strategy that uses data from various sources to prepare and plan marketing campaigns. The experts pick the data that they want from bigger databases through the use of specific software and techniques.

According to studies, organizations and businesses that have adopted this method have been a major success in marketing, which in return increases their profitability. Whether you are a marketing professional working for a company or are the owner of a business, you need to know how to prepare a data-driven marketing program. We have some of the best insights for you.

Establish the Data to Be Used in Marketing Strategies

As mentioned earlier, every decision that is made in the marketing sector is guided by data. Therefore, the company must identify the type and source of data that they want to use.

  • Demographic data – this has always been a great source of data for companies. The first thing is to know who you are targeting as a company. Usually, the data is categorized according to gender, age, and religion among other identifiers. Collecting this data can be done at the point of sale, through the use of questionnaires, or through social media.
  • Use previous data – big data is here with us. Every business is now dealing with large amounts of data that come in every minute. This data is analyzed, used, and stored. However, a company can always refer to past data to understand patterns and make decisions in marketing. This includes buying patterns and preferences among other things.

Collect the Right Tools

Working with big data requires the right tools. According to experts at Troparé Inc., a company that offers software and other tools to sales and marketing professionals, using the latest tools increases accuracy, efficiency, and productivity in a company.

Essentially, all you need is the right technology, and you are good to do. Both hardware and software work together to identify the data source and collect the data. They also analyze, interpret, and store it as needed.

Consult with Experts to Make Decisions

There are two types of experts who should come into the picture when looking forward to a data-driven marketing program: data experts and marketing experts. Data experts work with data to get the right information. The information is accessed in the form of reports, graphs, charts, or any other form recommended by the experts. Since it might be difficult for the in-house marketing team to understand the data, professional marketing consultants with the right skills should come in.

Hiring a professional marketing consultant has numerous benefits. The main one is enjoying the full potential of the data-driven marketing strategy that you have been working on. Actually, the value they bring to the table is higher than the consultancy fee that you will pay.


As you can see, a data-driven marketing program is a process that requires a special approach and the right skills. If you follow the above steps, you will be good to go.

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