How to Migrate Lotus Notes NSF to Outlook PST or Office 365?

This article will show you how to migrate IBM Lotus Notes NSF to Outlook PST or Office365 using manual process or third-party tool. Both techniques described here will help you to export NSF file to Outlook PST and transfer Notes data to Outlook or O365 portal with ease.

Why Need to Convert IBM Notes Data to Outlook PST Format?

When a user works on Lotus notes they save their data in NSF format or when they work with Outlook their data saves in PST format. Both the e-mail clients and file saving formats are different. Therefore, accessing the PST or NSF file with the different email client or server is not possible. The biggest reason for this is Lotus Notes uses NoSQL database technology and Outlook uses Active Directory database format. It is not possible to migrate IBM Lotus Notes to Outlook or Exchange online without exporting NSF files to Outlook PST format.

Methods to Convert NSF to PST format:

  1. Export NSF file to Outlook manually.
  2. Convert NSF file to Outlook using a third-party

Export NSF file to Outlook manually:-

Step 1: open your NSF file in Lotus Notes Program.

Step 2: Open mailbox and from File Menu select Export option.

Step 3: Give a name to the file and select the Comma Separated Values from Save as Type option.

Step 4: Select the options as per your requirements and from next dialog box give a saving location to the file.

Step 5: Open File Menu in MS Outlook.

Step 6: Select Import/Export option from the Open and Export.

Step 7: Select Import from another program or file.

Step 8: Choose Comma Separated Value from the next dialog box.

Step 9: Provide a path to CSV file and select any option as per your requirement from option box.

Step 10: Give a saving location to the file and click Next.

Step 11: Click on Checkbox and then click Finish.

Now your NSF file has been exported in Outlook.

Drawbacks of the manual process:

  1. The manual process is lengthy.
  2. The process is time-consuming.
  3. Lotus Notes and Outlook both the software must be installed in the machine.
  4. In the manual process sometimes the result is data loss or corrupt
  5. It Does not keep images and other HTML formatting of emails.

Convert NSF file to Outlook using third party tool:

The manual process has some drawbacks as I listed above so the use of the third-party tool is better option to transfer Notes data to Outlook. MailsDaddy NSF to PST Converter is the best third-party tool to do so. The tool converts all the NSF data in PST with their all emails, contacts, calendar events, journals, etc with their all the attachments. The best thing about this application is that it converts multiple NSF files to single or multiple PSTs at once.

The Process of the tool is here listed below.

  1. Download the Software and run on your device.
  2. Click on Add Files option & select the NSF files for migration in PST format.
  3. Click on Export Button to start the migration of Lotus Notes NSF to Outlook PST.
  4. Select the given option as per your requirement from the appeared dialog box and click on Export Button from the bottom.
  5. The process will start now you can check the process progress from the progress bar.
  6. Now the Lotus Notes NSF to PST conversion has been completed, you can run the PST file in Outlook.

This is all procedures and methods to converts NSF to PST.

Switch to Office 365 and Say Lotus Notes to Bye Bye…

Office 365 is the leading brand used by the enterprise for business purpose so there are a lot of companies migrating their data from Lotus Notes to Office 365. In this section, I will show you all possible migration procedures of IBM Lotus Notes to Office 365.

Migrate IBM Notes to Office 365 using PST Files

If you are planning to export NSF to PST then read the first section of this article. If you have already converted IBM Notes data to PST format then you almost completed 50 % off work. Now you may import PST files to Office 365 using following techniques provided by Microsoft.

Import PST to Office 365 using Microsoft Network Upload Method

Microsoft allows importing PST data to Exchange Online using network upload method but it requires light knowledge of Windows PowerShell & Azure AZCopy tool. I am discussing here all steps for doing PST migration to Office 365.

  1. In the very first step, you need to provide Mailbox import export
  2. Now go to office 365 Admin Center >> Setup>> Data Migration now click on Upload PST file.
  3. Create a New import job > Click Next check on Upload Your Dataand hit 
  4. Copy the SAS URL and install Azure AzCopy
  5. Upload your PST files to Azure Storage Location using PowerShell commands
  6. exe /Source:\\network path /Dest:”SAS URL” /V: give a location where you want to save log file \AzCopy.log /Y
  7. Open your Import Data window and check on both option and click Next.
  8. Create a CSV file for mapping
  9. Select mapping file and upload CSV file >> Validate>> Save.
  10. Now your PST file successfully uploaded into Office 365 and at last click on Close.

The whole process is quite lengthy so it is not possible to explore all the things here. You may check more details form Microsoft website.

Migrate IBM Lotus Notes to Office 365 using IMAP

You can migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365 manually by using IMAP. Otherwise, there is no other manual method. But to proceed with this method you need to do a proper planning. Here I have explained everything so follow these steps for migrating Lotus Notes to O365 with the manual process:

Step 1: First, you need to create a backup of your mailbox data, because during migration you NSF file may corrupt.  In this condition, you can recover your data from your backup file.

 Step 2: When you make backups, you will need to create a new mailbox for each user with an existing account in Lotus Notes.

Step 3:  Now you have to enable IMAP TCP/IP port for all user.

For Enable IMAP of all users follow the steps:

  1. First, open Domain Administrator in Lotus Notes
  2. Then click on the Configuration tab
  3. Now open Server Document which executes the IMAP server.
  4. When it’s open then go to Ports>> Internet Port >> Mail Tab.
  5. Now change the “TCP/IP port value status” to Enable in the mail (IMAP) column
  6. Click on Save and then Exit

Step 4: At last connect IMAP converter. Once you follow these above steps, the environment of migration lotus notes to office 365 becomes possible.

Migration from lotus notes to office 365 using a third-party tool         

As you can see that the above process is not easy, so here I also explain another method which is a third-party tool. With this method, you can import your all Lotus Notes data into Office 365. And here I also suggest you use MailsDaddy Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration. It will import your Lotus Notes data into O365 in few clicks. The best thing about this application is that it also support Bulk migration with Bulk Export & impersonate Export options.

  1. First, download and install the tool
  2. Then search your NSF file and add the file. Now click on export button.
  3. At last, you need to log in with Office 365 account. That’s it.


In this post, I have explained that how can we migrate IBM Lotus Notes to Outlook or Office 365 Exchange Online, and I discussed all the possible methods to do a migration of NSF to PST or Office365. I tried my best to explain all the methods clearly, if you have any suggestion regarding the article please comment your good word in the comment box and if you have any query or doubt then also comment your query. I will be happy to help you.


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