How to Install WordPress on Local Server with WAMP Server

Starting with Blogger to create and manage Blogs by many of the blogger, wordpress came and takeover most of the professional and personal Blogs running on Blogger. Some make switch to wordpress whereas some start with new Blog like me. There are so many things that you can do with wordpress like install from thousands of plug-in or create your function to support required functionality and the list goes on and on. But it is always better to test the new functionality on local server before migrating it to the real server your Blog is running on. In this post I am going to tell step by step guide to install wordpress on local server using WAMPserver (PHP server).

What are the things that I need to install wordpress on Local Server?

To install wordpress on local server, items that are required are as follows

  • WordPress Installation Media or WordPress Zip File
  • WAMPServer(Latest Version)
  • MySQL(Relational Database Management System)

Installing WAMPServer on your system

Before you can install wordpress on local server you need to install WAMP or any other PHP server on your system. WampServer is a Windows web development environment. It allows you to create web applications with Apache2, PHP and a MySQL database. Alongside, PhpMyAdmin allows you to manage easily your databases. To install WAMP server download installation file from here and run it. Please choose the Installation file of WAMPserver according to your system settings.

Install WordPress Blog on WAMPserver locally on your System

To install you need to download the latest version of WordPress from here. After you download the wordpress zip or .tar.gz file copy that in the root folder where WAMPServer was installed. For example if you install WAMPserver in C: directories then copy the folder in C:\wamp\www and extract the files in separate folder and rename the folder as you like. In this tutorial I am renaming the folder as Technokarak.Com.

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Now follow the steps given below carefully and you will be able to install WordPress on Local server within couple of minutes

  • Start WAMPServer and you will see the small icon right next to the date and time in windows right below corner as shown in the figure below

New Picture (1)

  • Click the icon and start wampserver by clicking ‘Put Online’ menu icon.

New Picture (2)

  • Again Click the wampserver icon and click on ‘PHP MyAdmin’ menu item

New Picture (3)

  • You will see a new window opens in the browser with url as http://localhost/phpmyadmin/, If the browser doesn’t open itself you can visit My Admin page by manually entering the address in the navigation bar.
  • Click Databases Tab Menu to create new database which is to be used for new wordpress installation. In this article I using database name as ‘Technokdb’ you can use name of your choice. But remember the name as it is required in the steps to follow. After you enter the name click on Create.

New Picture (4)

  • You will see new database entry in right as shown below

New Picture (5)

  • Now open new browser tab and type ‘localhost’ in the url, it will open the Localhost page of the wampserver. From the list of Your Projects select the folder name which is created earlier like I use Technokarak.Com

New Picture (6)

  • Immediately you will see a page displaying something about the configuration file and a button with ‘Create Configuration File’. Click on the button.
  • On next screen you will see a various details are needed regarding the database that is created in the earlier step. Click on ‘Let’s go’ button and proceed further.
  • Enter the details of the database that you have created in the fields. Use the following values to setup wordpress configuration file easily
    • Database Name: Name of the database created (‘Technokdb’ in this case. Note : Use Database name that you have created)
    • Username: root(Default value, use different in case you have changed it)
    • Password: Leave Blank(If you have use a password while setup of database then use that)
    • Database Host: localhost
    • Table Prefix: wp_

New Picture (9)

  • Click on the Submit Button and on the next screen Click ‘Run the install’ button
  • After this enter the details of your Blog as shown below in the figure and Click on ‘Install WordPress’ button
  • Success – Your WordPress Installation on local server is completed. Isn’t easy to install 

Install WordPress on Local Sever by following the instruction above and test out the functionality first on local installed wordpress before you decide to use it on live server. In case you find any problem during the installation please comment.


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