How to implant bulk SMS solutions in your existing business architecture …

With the unfolding of the new decade, there is no denial of the fact that digitalization has taken a massive leap in business marketing. Long gone are the days when business institutions had to rely on conventional marketing techniques to interact with their target audiences. With powerful bulk SMS gateway APIs coming into the picture, SMS solutions have successfully replaced traditional marketing techniques and have brought in a fresh breath of SMS marketing. 

If we reckon, SMS communication is into practice for more than 3 decades now. We usually use SMS services to interact with our friends, family and general acquaintances. With proper practice, not only this technique proves to be prompt and quick, but also economical and user-friendly. Inlining with these features of SMS communication, SMS service providers has now introduced bulk SMS solutions that can be effectively used by business institutions for their marketing campaigns. If you are wondering about what exactly is messaging solutions and what elements do you need to know before harnessing these solutions, then this article is just for you.

Quoting in functional terms, “bulk SMS solutions or SMS marketing is a modern-day business communication technique, using which individuals/institutions can interact with millions of their target audience by sending and/or receiving short SMS via internet protocols.” In other words, this technique features the source institutions to send/receive SMS to mobile users using effective internet protocols and gateways. Here it is worth mentioning that several bulk SMS gateway providers in India offer the above-mentioned gateway solutions. 

How to use SMS services in your business marketing?

Let us start this discussion be tapping on the fact about mobile phone usage in India. A survey suggests that an average mobile user looks at the phone at least 250 times a day. This indicates that there is a high possibility that once a message is sent to the business user, it is most likely to be read by the recipient in less than 5 minutes. These facts bring us to a clear conclusion that bulk SMS services are proven to be the most effective and prompt marketing technique known to the current decade business industry. With this conclusion into consideration, let us take a brief look at how you can consume SMS solutions within your marketing framework. 

Talking on technical grounds, SMS solutions can be implanted within existing marketing architecture by just appending a few integration code lines with your business application. This process is known as SMS API integration. An SMS API is computer software that bridges an interaction channel between your business application and SMS gateway. 

The power of bulk SMS gateway in SMS communication …

When we talk about bulk SMS or mass messaging, SMS gateway plays an important role. Offered by bulk SMS gateway providers in India, these gateways are responsible to transmit/receive sent and/or received messages to mobile users via mobile operation center (or MO stations). India is a vast country. Unlike other countries like the U.S. and the United Kingdom, India has many operational mobile carriers. 

SMS gateways are programmed to read the source and destination port addresses linked with each outgoing/incoming message and then forth route the message towards the desired mobile carrier via routing algorithms. The mobile stations are then responsible to transmit the messages to concerned mobile numbers. The entire process of message transmission from a business application to end-users is completed within a second or two, thus making SMS marketing a fairly prompt and responsive technique to rely on.

However, to perform such prompt message transmission, bulk SMS API and gateway play a crucial role. Let us analyze the role of these two components in bulk messaging and the potential they own. 

  • Use of credible bulk SMS gateway …

A powerful SMS gateway is key for effective communication. Bulk messaging is concerned with the transmission/reception of millions of short messages in single shots. Each of these messages must be properly analyzed by the gateway algorithm and routed effectively to the correct destination port. 

SMS gateways offered by MsgClub -a leading bulk SMS gateway provider in India are known for transmitting/receiving 500-600 messages per second while maintaining a 99.99% delivery rate. Such results are mainly achieved due to the use of high and powerful routing algorithms. While choosing a gateway you take utmost care on the efficiency factor as only a powerful gateway can feature you to communicate with your target audience within seconds while considering SMS marketing solutions. 

  • Implanting advanced bulk SMS gateway API …

As stated above, bulk SMS gateway API is responsible for connecting business applications with the gateway. This activity can be considered as the first step in architectural implantation. If gateway API integration is not performed adequately, you won’t be able to send/receive short messages any further. To avoid such situations, it is advisable to employ APIs from a known gateway API provider in the market.

Apart from transmitting thousands of bulk messages from the business interface to the gateway, bulk SMS gateway API from MsgClub can also be adequately used for performing the below-mentioned tasks effortlessly. 

  1. SMS credits management. 
  2. Delivery report analysis and management. 
  3. Contact management and bulk excel uploads. 
  4. Managing sender Ids. 
  5. Advanced features like response management. 
  6. SMS route management.

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