How to Hide Files in JPEG Image – Steganography Tool Review

Encryption is very ancient technique used by people to hide critical information. Earlier people used to hide the information in images like paintings which can be decipher to read the original message. But with the advancement in technology and processing of the computer, powerful algorithms like AES, DES has appeared in the market and overtaken the process of Steganography. In this post, I am going to share very simple tool which can be used to hide important files in JPEG Files. You can also password protect the hidden file so that even if attacker get hold of the JPEG files, he needs password to fetch the hidden file. 

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Hide Files in JPEG Image – Complete Guide

Free File Camouflage is a very simple and light weight tool used to hide files in JPEG image. To start with Steganography process download Free File Camouflage software and go ahead with necessary installation steps. After installation is completed, open the software and you will see a screen like shown below in the screenshot.


Click on “Camouflage a file” tab and browse the file you want to hide inside another JPEG File. Next you have to select the source file which will store the hidden file underneath. Select a JPEG file from “Use this image” option.


If you want to password protect the hidden file, go to options tab and make sure that check-box is selected and enter the password of your choice.


Click on “Camouflage” button to start the process and within seconds you will see a jpeg file created at specified location. Now you can send this image file to another person with hidden information without worrying about information leak.

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