How to get notification by email for a change in Google Spreadsheet

Recently I have used Google Forms to create a contact form and used it on Write for Us Section. If you also want to send a Guest Post then use a contact us form built using Google Forms. I have implemented the form but did not activate the notification feature which makes me check Google Spreadsheet daily. Now I was searching and found a way to activate notification feature so that any change made to Spreadsheet will be notified through email. In this post I am going to share what I learned How to use Notification Rules in Google Spreadsheet.

How to Set Notification Rule Google Docs

Login to your Google Account and open the spreadsheet on which you want to create notifications rules. Then Navigate to Tools -> Notification Rules as shown below in the screenshot

set notification rules google docs

set notification rules google docs

Immediately you will see a separate window displaying Check boxes as option to set notification rules. You can set different option such as

  • Any Changes are made
  • Any of these cells are changed – you can specify a particular cell, and if the value in that cell changes you get notified
  • A User submits a Form – When someone fills form and send it you will get email

I have selected the option “A user submit a form” to test the Google Notification Feature with Email-right away option to get notification email immediately. Click on Save as last step


Create Rule in Spreadsheet

Clicking on Save button will show another window with options to edit or drop the notification rule. To store the rule click on Done button

Save Google Docs Notification Rule

Save Google Docs Notification Rule

That’s it and you are ready to receive notification when someone fills Google Form and send the details.

To test the notification feature, I have filled the form on Write for Us Section and send it. Straightway my Spreadsheet gets updated with the data I filled in the Google Form. Now is the time to check email, and it worked perfect. I got the email displaying as shown below:

Google Docs Notification email

Google Docs Notification email

Conclusion: Google Forms are very good and lightweight which is strongly recommend all Bloggers to use instead of using plugins. And to set notification rule you can use the tutorial I explained above which lets you enjoy every functionality that is provided by any premium WordPress plugin.

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