How to encrypt and save Text Files with Cryptographic Text Converter

Normally we store our confidential information such as important accounts details, passwords etc. in text files and stored them on our system. But storing such confidential data in normal plain text files is not secure as anyone can look into such sensitive information and can use that to his benefit. There are algorithms available for the encryption of normal text into cipher text with the help of encryption algorithm such as DES, AES which uses key for the cryptography process. But this algorithm requires expert technical knowledge to implement. So the question that arises is that is there a simple and easy to way encrypt our normal plain text. Answer is Yes, and solution to the above problem in ‘Cryptographic Text Converter’ tool.

Encrypting Plain Text into Cipher Text with Cryptographic Text Converter’ tool

In this article we are going to review ‘Cryptographic Text Converter’ tool and present a step by step guide to use this tool and convert plain text into cipher text.

1 Download and install Cryptographic Text Converter from here

2 Create Account which requires password. Enter the details as shown in the figure below

Cryptographic Text Converter

Cryptographic Text Converter

3 Enter the text which you want to encrypt in the text box as shown below

New Picture (1)

Cryptographic Text Converter

4 Click the ‘Encrypt‘ button to convert pain text into cipher text. After that your plain text will look something like in the figure below

New Picture (2)

5 You can change the password of your Account from ‘Account’ Menu item.

New Picture (4)

 Try this and let us know the review.

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