How to Edit a PDF Without Converting it to MS Office Formats

PDF file format is often used in business email correspondence, where keeping formatting of the data is quite important. PDF files are known to be content keepers because they preserve content from unwanted editing and changing. In addition to that, documents are often saved in PDF when you want to be sure that a receiver will perceive the document the same way you see it on your computer, no matter what operating system you use. 

The problem arises when you want to make additional changes to your PDF. You probably know that there are various PDF conversion tools on the market that can convert PDF files to MS Office formats. In that way, you can change the document content and then save it to PDF again.

Using PDF converter to edit a PDF is inevitable process if your document requires a lot of changes. But what if you need to make some small changes only? It would be time consuming to convert a PDF to an editable document and then to make edits there. There is another, quicker way to edit a PDF.

 How to Edit a PDF?

Download PDF Converter Elite first and start the program. Open the PDF you want to edit by clicking on the Open icon ap1and locating a file. Then click on the Edit button to enter editing mode. On the right side, you will see the window like this:


If you want to add more text, click on Add and then click on the place in the PDF document where you want to add that text. You can even choose the font and the font size of the text as well as its color.

To delete some parts of the text, first click on Delete and then on the document. You cannot delete one word separately, but certain groups of words, since the program recognized some sentence parts as a whole.

What Else You Can Do in Edit PDF Mode?

Not only can you delete some parts of the text, but you can also delete the whole pages. If you don’t want to get rid of those pages forever and you just don’t want them to be the part of the same document, you can use Split PDF File option to exclude those pages. They will be saved as a separate new file.

If you don’t want to add a few sentences only, but the whole new page, you can do that by using Merge PDF Files option. This option enables you to merge multiple PDF files together. Moreover, you can move pages and change their order.

With the last three options in Edit PDF mode you can apply some settings that are not related to the change of the content itself, but more with a general settings of the file. You can change the size and the scale of the file, as well as its position.

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