How to Create Custom Signs Like a Pro

Sign painting and lettering is one of the most exciting and fantastic disciplines that has a long history. You can move forward very fast in this field if you have the right skills and a great teacher. This post is going to share the fundamentals of painting.

Great lettering artists and sign painters have compiled these tips. There are different types of letter styles and shapes. The demand for hand-painted signs is in high demand. You can upgrade your painting skills by learning and understanding how the different letterforms are constructed.

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Outlined here below are the critical steps followed when making letter signs:

Creating an Outline

This is the first step that you should follow. The framework is made by tracing the letters’ outside edges. The outline of different letters is made on wood through a carbon paper. If it is not perfect, you should make an effort of straightening it up. A liner is used to achieve the great fonts. You should always keep the bristles of your brush in the right place.

Producing Sharp Angles

Some letters have sharp angles at the top or bottom. These corners are generated by swiping the brush from the letter’s edges. The brush is swiped from the corners in, then up and finally from the corners across. The brush is also used in swooping around the loop. The bottom corners are connected with another swipe. Finally, swooping is done around the edges. The corners are swiped in to maintain their crispness.

Straight Lines

They are produced by using straight strokes. The space between one line and the nest one is the filled in. At this stage, you can also turn the signs to produce the desired angle and to achieve the right direction of swoops. Stroking towards you is highly recommended by painting artists. In fact, it is almost similar to writing.

Items Needed When Making Paint Signings

Different types of paints are meant for different jobs. You should always use an efficient and durable paint for your job. Mineral spirits are used in cleaning out paint from the brushes.


They are used for cleaning the brushes and keeping them whippy during and after the painting sessions. You can also use thinner to dilute your paint. This is mainly done to produce a perfect flowing.

Other items that are needed include the following:

  • Cups and rags
  • Pencils
  • Erasers
  • Paper
  • Sign painter brushes
  • Workspace

The tips discussed in this article are helpful when painting letters. Anyone who is interested in joining this field should follow these tips and use the necessary items. You can also get more tips about letter painting by reading more journals and tutorials. The different elements and tools needed have also been mentioned.

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