How To Convert PDFs On The Go

As computers and Internet entered our lives and changed our habits when it comes to sharing personal or business documents, popular demand for universally accessible file format grew bigger. We replaced typewriter with a keyboard, fax machine with email service, paper with computer screens, and soon enough Portable Document Format a.k.a PDF came into play as an important step towards more productive and less paper-consuming office.

PDFs made sending large files across the world more efficient and inexpensive. Of course, this can be done with MS Word file as well, but there’s an important advantage of using PDFs instead – everyone can read and print them without any compatibility issues. On the other side, if the recipient has a different version of Word file or doesn’t have a specific font installed, your document might not display nor print correctly.

Nevertheless, users can’t edit PDFs or convert their content without software tools and apps developed specifically for these tasks. Since desktop software tools for PDF conversion are usually expensive and only worthwhile if you are converting a lot of documents, we’ve decided to show you how you can convert PDFs on the go, quickly and accurately with the help of PDF Converter Ultimate app – an all-in-one mobile PDF converter.

Despite the fact that the whole process of conversion is pretty simple, we will go through it just to show you how easy it is to convert documents on a mobile device. Follow along.

  1. Download PDF Converter Ultimate from the App Store or Play Store

You should start by opening the App Store and typing “PDF Converter Ultimate” into the search bar. The app should be presented right below the ad. Now it is time to click the download button and to install the app.

  • Open the app and find the file you want to convert

Once the installation is complete, open the app and choose the file you wish to convert. You can do that directly from your phone, Gmail or supported cloud services.

  • Choose the conversion type

Now it’s time to choose the file format you wish to convert your document to. The app support conversions to more than 20 popular file formats like Microsoft Publisher (.pub), XPS files, Microsoft Office files and the list goes on. After selecting the conversion format, proceeded to a final step.

  • Wait for the file to upload

Once the upload is complete you can freely close the app if you want to preserve your battery juice. When the process of conversion is complete, notification will pop-up on your screen, meaning that now you can proceed with editing your document in the complementary editing application, such as MS Word.

And you are good to go! All it took was 4 simple steps to make your document editable again.

The main reason we choose to review mobile application instead of a desktop software, except the price, was the fact that mobile phones are becoming more and more popular every day and sooner than later they will completely replace our desktop and laptop computers. We basically wanted to future-proof you for the trends that are coming. Right now, PDF Converter Ultimate would be a perfect app for you if you are a business person who travels a lot or just someone who occasionally convert documents.

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