How To Convert MP4 Files To WMV?

Do you need to convert your MP4 files to WMV format? Well, if you have to play something on Windows-powered device, it would be good to convert the file into WMV. It could be that you have recorded a video on marketing tips and would have to share it on the Microsoft mobile of your business partner. The WMV version reduces the file size to ensure a good view on smaller devices such as mobile phones.


But, how would you convert your MP4 video file to the Windows WMV format? Well, you have the video converter software programs these that allow easy conversion of video files. Movavi Video Converter is one of the top voted names here and assures a premium mp4 to wmv converter function. It’s natural that you would love to know more about the Movavi program and hence the article below offers detailed insight on its features.

First of all, you would be glad to know that Movavi Video Converter assures 79 times faster conversion compared to other video converter programs in the market. Yes, it’s backed by the advanced SuperSpeed technology which makes it the fastest converter today. In fact, this is one of the main reasons behind the widespread popularity of the Movavi Video Converter. Movavi is an award winning internationally recognized name with customers across 150 nations.

The great part is that the Movavi program even ensures no significant loss of video quality for the converted file. Thus, when you will send the file to your friend’s mobile, you can be assured of same high quality display as is usual while viewed on a PC.

Then, the Movavi Video converter is really easy to use. Unlike other regular converter programs, the Movavi one comes with a very simple and friendly user interface and anybody with basic-level computer knowledge would be able to use it.

It’s to stress here that the Movavi Video Converter is programmed to convert files into any major audio and video format. It is also compatible with mobile phone formats and supports over 200 mobile devices. Thus, you can easily change your MP4 file into WMV or any other convenient format.

Then, the Movavi Video Converter is even designed to help with editing functions. Yes, it comes with some major and basic editing tools so that you can send a corrected version of your MP4. Whether you want to crop come clips, or rotate or need to add titles- the Movavi Video Converter will do everything for you. It will even improve the visual quality of your converted file through its correction filters.

So what are you waiting for? Download and install Movavi Video converter now!

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