How to convert iTunes movies to MP4 on Mac with AppleMacSoft DRM Video Converter ?

Are you hoping to have your  iTunes  protected movies  purchases & rentals played on any computers, any portable devices?


iTunes movies are only allowed to be watched on Apple devices like Apple TV, iPod, iPad or iPhone. Apple doesn’t allow its users to play protection movies without purchasing it. However, if you cannot buy a movie, you can rent it at lower prices. But, the problem with rented movies is these are only available for a limited time. Usually, the time limit for watching such movie is 24 or 48 hours. After this time, the movies will be automatically deleted from your computer. This is somehow not beneficial and is boring. In case if you failed to watch a movie within the time due to some reasons, you will lose it and will have to pay again for it. To overcome such situation, different tools and software have been introduced in the market. Such tools remove DRM protection from iTunes movies and make them available for a long time, forever instead. Besides this, you will be able to convert iTunes movies to DRM-free MP4 video formats. In other words, the tool will simply remove DRM and will give you the same quality of video in MP4 and other formats.

It is always irritating that you cannot watch iTunes movies on all of your devices using any media players etc. Moreover, you will not be able to copy iTunes movies even after purchasing it. If you want to watch your iTunes movies on more than 1 device, you will need to convert it from M4V to any other format. We are providing DRM video converter that can easily remove DRM from your iTunes movies. It basically converts M4V videos to MP4 videos. AppleMacSoft DRM video converter is easy to use and will convert your movies in no more than a few minutes. It has an easy to use interface that will allow you to convert movies easily and comfortably. You will get various benefits by using AppleMacSoft  DRM video converter. Additionally, you will get the same quality of converted movies as of iTunes movies.

As mentioned above, AppleMacSoft  DRM video converter is easy to use, fast and reliable. You just have to put your movies in the tool, and you will get your iTunes movies without DRM in no time. Simply follow the steps mentioned below to convert  iTunes movies to MP4 video format on Mac .

Step 1: First of all, select the iTunes movie files you are going to convert from M4V to MP4. It is easy, and you will get all the options easily.


Step 2:  Step two is choosing the output format. The output format is that one in which you are going to convert your iTunes movies. Different output formats are available in AppleMacSoft DRM video converter. If you are going to convert it to MP4, you can also choose titles or subtitles options to make your conversion even better.


Step 3The third step is converting the files. After selecting and choosing the output folder, start the converting. It will convert in a short time period, and you will get a DRM-free MP4 video easily.


As you can see, AppleMacSoft  DRM video Converter is the powerful yet easy-to-use DRM removal and media conversion software  to convert iTunes movies to MP4 format. Simply use our software and forget about DRM restrictions.  After that, you can play your video anywhere you like without any hassle. It is a “must-have” kit specially designed for movie lovers.

AppleMacSoft  DRM Video Converter requires macOS 10.8 or later. It costs $44.95 for a single user license.A free demo is available download form

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