How to compress jpeg without losing quality – Upto 50% Compressed JPG File Online

Compress JPEG Without Losing Quality – I have already talked about the importance of page loading speed on your Blog SEO. There are many ways to compress PNG images with tools like TinyPNG. If you have read one of my earlier post about comparison between tinypng and wordpress plugin, you must have noticed the effect that tinypng has on PNG file compression. PNG are good but still have larger size in comparison to JPEG Files. I have trying to find online solution to compress jpg file online, and found a website that reduce jpg file size upto 50% without quality loss. In this post, you can find a tutorial to Compress JPEG Without Losing Quality from

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How to Compress JPEG Without Losing Quality

Compressing a JPG File to half-size takes only merely some seconds on this wonderful website. Follow the steps below to compress JPG File Online and in the end you can see the results that i obtained while testing the website that claims to Reduce JPG File Size. Visit Site to Compress JPG File Online. You will see a simple interface that allows to upload three JPEG images simultaneously

Compress JPEG Online with no quality loss

Compress JPEG Online with no quality loss

Upload the JPEG Files to compress and click on “Compress My Images Now button” to start the compression process. As you can see in the screenshot below, I have uploaded three images. After couple of minutes you will see Compression Result below the file upload box. If the image is too small or have no scope of reduction in size the compression will not work. In the image below see the Compression result for the images i have used to test. Image #1 doesn’t get compressed but Image #2 is compressed by 15% and Image #3 by 73%. 

Compress JPG File Results

Compress JPG File Results

That’s it you can now download the Compressed JPG Files.

Compress JPG File Online – Quality Test

To show that this website compress jpeg without losing quality i am going to show both files(Image #3). I have chosen Image 3 to show the test result because maximum compression is observed in the same file.

How to compress jpeg without losing quality

How to compress jpeg without losing quality


The results shown above clearly shows the efficiency of the website to reduce JPG File Size to a greater extent. The interface is very simple to use and compression ratio are very good. If you like to use JPG Files on your blog i strongly recommend you to use to compress JPG File online.

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