How to choose the best VPS server: Some points to consider

Some VPS hosting servers are secure, easily scalable, feature-rich, and inexpensive. And there is a lot to choose from. But not all are the same, nor do all companies offer the same services. Therefore, you have to spend time looking for the VPS server where the page will be hosted. 

The best advice is to always go to a company specialized in web hosting, such as and request all the necessary information until you are fully convinced that they offer the accommodation you really need and with the greatest advantages. 

That benefits? Let’s see it. 

What should a good VPS server have 

Before deciding, two essential aspects should be taken into account. The first one is, not so much the use that will be made of the server at the time of the start of the activity, as that which is expected in the future. That is, at the beginning of a website it is logical that there is not a high traffic, but the idea is that there will be in the future. And it is possible that at the beginning there is not much audiovisual content, but that over time it will be essential. That is, the needs of the site will grow and the server must grow with them. Therefore, it must provide facilities to scale, to expand memory. 

The second aspect to consider is the number of applications to be installed. The higher it is, the greater the memory must also be. And in this aspect, one must also think with an eye to the future, not the present. 

But there are still more aspects that must be taken into account, such as security, especially if you are going to work with data considered “sensitive”. The server, in this case, must give the possibility of applying all kinds of measures that are considered appropriate to avoid all kinds of attacks. 

Important services of a server 

Hosting companies offer a whole series of added services that can be very interesting. One of them is the possibility that the server is managed. If you don’t have time, if you lack knowledge, or simply want your server to always work perfectly without lifting a finger, a managed server is best. 

Of course, it is also convenient to look at the maintenance offered by the chosen company, the 24-hour service or the backups. And issues such as geolocation, the type of software that can be used or the disks are also important. Only taking these aspects into account can you choose the best VPS server, the one that perfectly adjusts to the present and future needs of the website.

Oxtrys, the best VPS server

Oxtrys has the following parameters as the reason why it can be ranked as one of the best VPS:

– This VPS provides SSD Storage to ensure great performance realized with maximum data transfer rate. 

– This VPS is powered by a super fast processor, Intel® Xeon®. This processor is suitable for any business that involves large amounts of data. 

– Oxtrys’ Wide Network ensures that there are no side effects from other users who are in the same network. 

– Windows Server offered by Oxtrys ensures every user can operate on an easy to understand interface. 

– Configure with Linux for those users who want more freedom in server customization. 


The points above can help you find the best VPS server and our recommendations about Oxtrys are based on our experiments on different VPS services. Hope this guide has been of help.

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