How to check for Fake Email Address using online tools

Check Fake Email Address – Emails have become the integral part of our life today, used in every part of our life. But apart from receiving legitimate emails we also receive a lot of malicious or spam emails. Normally Attackers use emails as one of the tool for hacking purpose. ‘Phishing‘ is one of the most used method for launching web-attacks by attackers. Phishing is a type of attack in which attacker send email to the victim posing as legitimate source(mostly banks) and asking for the user to enter their credentials and in the process attacker gets hold of the victim’s confidential information such as username, password in some cases. To prevent from such activities it is always recommended to check whether your are receiving email from valid source or not. 

How to remain safe from FAKE Mails?

There are ways to remain safe from fake mails and some of them are listed below

  • Use of Firewalls
  • Use of Intrusion Detection System
  • Identification of Phishing emails

But all the above mentioned methods require extra additional hardware support to implement and thus incur more cost. In this article we are going to tell simple and free online service which will help you identifying fake emails. There are many online email verifies tools available and in this article a survey of those services are presented.

1. Free Email Verifier – It is very simple tool in which you just have to enter email address to be verified in the box and hit ‘Verify’ button. In the first test we tested bad email address “” which results in result “Bad” and in second test we enter correct email address “” which results in “Ok”. Below are the images for the verification test process that we have done.

Free Email Verifier


Free Email Verifier

2. Verify email address – It also verify single email address but also provides facility for bulk email verification.

3. Email Addresses Checker  – It provides the facility to export the results in excel sheet.

We strongly recommend to test any email that you think can be a fake email.


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