How to Change Auto save Timing in Word 2013

Hey Guys, in this post I am going to tell you how to change auto save timing in Microsoft Word 2013. Auto Save is a very important feature in Microsoft Office 2013, it helps in preserving the content of the documents even in case of System crash. Documents are very important today, there are lots of documents that are created every day. For me saving my word file content is very important and sometime I need to compare the two word document files to find the changes made. In a post titled “How to Auto Save MS Word Document and Recover Unsaved Data from System Crash”, I have posted about the same feature which is auto save but now in this post focus is to change the auto save time setting.

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How to Change Auto save Timing in Word 2013

To change the auto save time setting in Word 2013, open a word document and click on ‘FILE’ button as shown below in the screenshot.

Change Auto save Timing in Word

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Now from Blue Menu select the ‘Options’ Tab and then click on ‘Save’ to open a new menu. Check the below screenshot showing exactly what needs to be done.

office autosave2

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Now you will see the default option for “Save AutoRecover information every” which I have already set to 1 min. In most cases you will find it 10 min.

office autosave3

Now you can change the time interval for Auto Save of Word Document. It is advisable to keep it to least so that your document keep getting save automatically. I have set it to 1 min and it keeps my document save and secure.

office autosave4

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