How to Access Your Hotmail Login?

You can connect your email account to Outlook on the web through the Office 365. It is possible to connect up to 5 other email accounts such as Gmail,, Yahoo! Mail. If you connect accounts to Outlook, you will be able to send and receive emails from the single location. However, you should keep your email accounts separate so that you will manage them very easily. As you try to access, you will be routed to After completing the Hotmail login, successfully, you should add your other email accounts to

Single platform

With, you will send and receive emails from a single platform. It is not required to log into three or more separate email accounts. As you connect up to 5 email accounts, they can be viewed from Inbox. You will find folders in the folder pane. Each folder belongs to an email account. If you would like to switch over from one email account to another email account, you can click on the required folder. Thus, you will visit the email account without leaving

Some customers enjoy the new Outlook Mail experience. If you would like to add new email account from the, the corresponding instructions should be followed. If you are adding from the classic, you will want to follow a different set of instructions.

Adding accounts from new

You should sign in to to add new accounts. The following steps should be performed:

  • Select Options in the navigation bar.
  • Mail->Accounts->Connected Accounts (should be chosen in the left pane)
  • If you are connecting to Gmail account, select Gmail. If you are connecting other accounts, you should select ‘Other email accounts’.
  • Enter full email address, password
  • You can choose to create a new folder or import into existing folder
  • Click ‘OK’.
  • If you fail to connect to the server, you should click on ‘Back’ and the connection type should be selected.
  • By choosing options, you will return to the Inbox. If the account is created successfully, the new folder will be displayed. To organize the incoming mail, you should go through the ‘Inbox and sweep rules’.

The default ‘from’ address should be selected by sending an email from any connected email account.

As you return to the connected accounts page, you will select ‘change your from address’. In the ‘From address’, select the address from the drop-down list.

Advanced protection

There will be enhanced visibility and control with Office 365. You can take advantage of advanced security management as well so that there will not be any issues. The advanced security management includes threat detection, enhanced control and discovery and insights.

The single sign-on gives great flexibility for customers so that they will be able to make the most of their time. Attachments can be edited and reattached to the mail so that there will be great convenience. The productivity is very much enhanced with Office 365.

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