How Temperature Affects Electronics

We like to think of our electronics as robust devices, but unfortunately, that strictly isn’t true. Although a lot of modern devices utilize metal or carbon fiber cases to protect them from bumps and drops, our devices are still very much at the mercy of the elements. 

Both extreme heat and sheer cold can damage our electronical hardware and in extreme cases, can render them inoperative. Responsible owners should put measures in place to make sure their devices don’t have to experience these drastic and harmful temperatures. Here are some of the ways both extremes of temperature can affect your home electronics. 

The Cold 

Cold temperature is uncomfortable for any human and the same goes for your electronic goods as well. Extreme cold can cause drastic and irreversible harm to your devices, and there are three prime effects. 

The first is that when exposed to cold, the batteries inside your devices will begin to drain at a rapid rate. This is particularly bad for portable items, as it can mean that the quality of the battery is permanently hindered, meaning that it won’t last as long between charges. 

The cold can also affect the screens and display monitors on your devices, so each time you leave a device in the cold you risk breaking your screen. The more often your items are exposed to below freezing, the more likely your displays will completely stop working and begin displaying dead pixels

Another reason the cold can harm your tech is because of the condensation that is produced once you bring it in from the cold. This thin layer of moisture can damage your technology as it can form on the inside of your gadgets, creating water bubbles behind your screens and harming the internal components as well. If this is case, it may be required to replace your components with new varieties from Octopart

The Heat 

Heat is a far more obvious destructive force against your devices, but it is also one that can be harder to prevent. This is because your devices can warm up on their own when they operate and can reach extreme temperatures if left on too long which can begin to fry key components, as well as warp the protective metal or plastic casing. 

This is why fans are installed in the majority of electronic devices such as PCs and games consoles, as this air flow is designed to keep your gadgets at a good temperature and stop them from overheating. That’s why it’s important to keep these vents clear and unobstructed as this can cause the machine to overheat. You also want to clean these fans and keep them free of dust and other particles, as it can clog fans, making them less efficient, and catch alight if the machine gets too hot. 

Heat also causes metal to expand, which is not great for compact items that have a lot of metallic components within it. Expanding parts can lead to things coming apart, resulting in broken circuits and other faults. 

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