How E-Cigarettes’ disruptive technology has revolutionized the smoking industry

Electronic cigarettes were invented by a Chinese pharmacist named Lik Hon and have easily found their place in the industry, becoming more and more popular every month. The Chinese company Ryan initially developed these products in their original form and the used technology started being further developed by other companies as well from that moment on.

The earliest models were very similar to conventional cigarettes before the development of new shapes and sizes became possible. Nowadays, specialists in this sector talk about a disruptive technology that has revolutionized the smoking industry in so many ways. Let’s see why and how this has become possible and what might be the future trends in the industry.


The shift from conventional smoking to e-cigarettes

From early models developed in the beginning, we have reached the moment when we can find various models of e-cigarettes available for purchase now. The current ones look different from initial e-cigarettes and seem to look more and more different than conventional cigarettes. The overall marketing strategy surrounding these products and the technology used to develop these focus on ensuring the clear shift from conventional smoking to improved products that feature less negative or harmful effects for the human body.

Moreover, specialists in the industry now call this sector ENDS which is considered a more accurate name for this kind of devices. Even though initial models were kind of modest back in 2004 when they started being marketed, current ones have overcome all limitations. With a serious increase in demand and radical technology development, sales have become huge as compared to early expectations. More and more smokers have shifted their interest towards what has become a successful intermediary solution during the process of quitting conventional smoking.


New technology: risks, benefits and future purposes

Any new technology comes with a wide range of risks, benefits, disadvantages and future purposes to consider. Since they were first patented back in 2004 in China, the popularity of e-cigs has been continuously on the rise and more users as well as specialists have shown an increased interest in what this new technology has in store for them. They are mainly known as the most helpful current aid for those looking to quit smoking and have systematically become more widely used than other similar existing devices and even licensed medications.

This serious growth in development and in terms of market demands has also raised a wide range of questions regarding the benefits that come from using these products as well as their influence on the overall smoking sector. Some of the new products are still controversial and while some appraise their benefits, others are reserved in terms of how beneficial or harmful long-term use in their case might be. The current reality however shows clear proof of the fact that e-cigarettes have replaced the famous NRT therapy as well as other methods of quitting smoking that were considered the most successful ones in the past.


Long-term research is needed to find answers to all rising questions

One conclusion that most people have reached from this perspective is that e-cigarettes are less harmful than conventional ones although there is no clear evidence of the way in which these might affect our health in the long-run. In fact, these were not even developed to be used for a very long time but rather as intermediary solutions for those looking to give up smoking for good.

A lot of research is still needed to establish a clear framework for them in the industry and see how this new technology and future products might affect the market even more. Respected brands like Aspire and others have already gained a lot of respect among users who have successfully used it for a while now and who have managed to leave their tobacco addiction behind.

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