How Do Keywords Help In Marketing Strategy?

We all know that keywords are an integral part of SEO. But, this is not the only place where keywords are important. It is an important part of marketing strategy – online as well as offline. Let us have a look.


Brand Value

If you want to create a strong brand value for yourself, you need to think of one particular keyword phrase that represents the core of your business. This will help people recognize you wherever you go and build up a brand value for you as well as your business. You will let people know you by what you want to be known for.


It is necessary that you create content for your website, blog, posts and videos with keywords that the users will search for, to get more search visibility. You can write content keeping the readers in mind. After creating the content, you can find the keywords that will bring in more traffic to your site and optimize the content accordingly.

You can also write content after making a list of the keywords you want to use. But, how would you know which keywords you should use? You can use the Google AdWords Keyword Planner, which will give you an entire list of keyword phrases related to your business with the estimated search volume. Check which ones would help you create great content and prepare a list. Use these keywords and prepare a topic that will best suit your business and attract more audiences.

Guest post

There are tools that can help you know which sites have the most socially-shared posts with the particular keywords you search for. There are other tools that can also give you this information along with comments, views, backlinks, etc. Thus, you can get an idea of where you can post your blog to grab attention of a larger audience. You can then use the keywords and prepare a great blog and post it on any of the sites you find useful.

Social media

Who doesn’t know the power of social media today? May it be personal or professional; it is the best way for people to recognize you. You need to make your social profiles and pages easily findable on social networks. If you use the most appropriate keywords and optimize your profile well, users who are looking for you will be able to easily find you. But, remember not to stuff your social profiles and pages with keywords. Just add important keywords at the most appropriate places to help you rank better in searches on every social media platform.


On Google, type in your target keywords and see which directories appear on the first page of search results. You might find many directories based on business categories, location, etc. Consider any of these top listings to get your website listed on. Don’t mind paying to stay on the directory’s first page because it is going to be worth it!


Do you know it is essential to optimize the subject lines of the emails you want to send to users? You might ask “Why?” Generally, when users want to search for an email they have received earlier, they will search for it in their inbox. They would be typing a particular word in the search tab. You need to make sure that the word is present in your subject line so that your email appears in the search results, hopefully at the top.

Offline marketing

Do you think keywords are restricted to only online optimization? Then, you are wrong. Offline marketing requires keywords as well. Your business card, brochures, flyers, etc. should have particular keywords that tell people what your business is about, immediately as they see them. They should analyze what you are about before they plan to contact you.

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