How Can your Smartphone Earn you Money on the Go?

Smartphones cost us a ton of money. First, when we buy them – depending on their hardware, screen size and features, they can cost several hundred dollars. Second, when we use them – we pay a voice and data plan. Third – when we play with them, with all the in-app purchases coming toward us from games and apps. Overall, I think it’s safe to say that smartphones are sinkholes for your hard-earned money. But they can be used to make money, too. Here are some methods that you could give a try.

Note that not all of these methods and apps are available in all territories. Check their Terms and Conditions for more information.

How Can your Smartphone Earn you Money on the Go?

Complete micro-assignments

We live in a busy world, where people find it hard to fit their many tasks into a single day. This is where micro-task apps like Easy Shift, FieldAgent or GigWalk come in. Users with spare time at hand can register in their network and get various assignments to complete – beer runs, groceries, taking the clothes from the dry cleaners, and so on. And they are paid various amounts for these tasks, depending on their complexity and the time they take.

GigWalk and Easy Shift are currently restricted to the United States, covering most major cities. FieldAgent is more widely available – in countries like the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Mexico and Romania.

Real money mobile gaming

While most casino games give chance a major role, some of them can be beaten using the right strategy. And most of these games you can play on the go through the Euro Palace casino. All you need to do is to navigate to the Euro Palace website on your desktop PC or smartphone, register an account and make a deposit. Euro Palace will not only offer you a wide variety of games, but also some very attractive bonuses. Its game library has over 100 titles you can choose from. On iOS you can install the Euro Palace app, while on Android you can use the casino’s browser interface to play and win.

Market research

Fear not, it’s nothing complicated. Several apps, like Receipt Hog and Shopkick, use the data collected by smartphone users during their shopping trips.

Receipt Hog users need to take pictures of up to 20 receipts per week and submit them to the app’s database. The information about their purchases is turned into reports, which major brands will pay for. A part of the payment is returned to the user in the form of coins, which can later be exchanged into cash.

Shopkick is a similar, but more complex app. It rewards users with points (kicks) for shopping in certain brands’ stores and scanning specific bar codes. The kicks collected by the user can be turned into gift cards, various items, or even a vacation.

Receipt Hog is currently only available in the US and the UK, while Shopkick only works for US residents.

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