Hetman Partition Recovery Software Review

Losing important files can be terrible, doesn’t matter if it was done in accident or intentionally. In some cases, deleted files were beyond recovery and you may not be able to recover it whatsoever. If you are lucky enough, might able to get those files back using dedicated recovery program and Hetman partition recovery is one of them.

Files and folders may not be deleted immediately as deleted files were first transferred to MBR (Master Boot Record) of the computer hard drive and exist till it’s get overwritten by other meaningful data.  Doesn’t matter if you choose to delete it permanently by directly pressing ‘Shift+delete’, it can still be recovered if proper recovery solution is applied

Hetman Partition Recovery Ratings:

  • Overall: 4.5/5
  • Feature: 4/5
  • Reliability: 5/5
  • Ease of use: 5/5


Hetman partition recovery (hetmanrecovery.com) is a smart recovery tool and capable enough to easily recover documents exactly in the state it was before deletion. It offers simple Do-It-Yourself wizard based recovery step and explorer interface to navigate through existing as well as lost partitions. From there, user can easily recover the desired documents by directly pressing ‘Recover’ button located at the top navigation menu. 

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Hetman partition recovery has everything you need to restore lost or deleted partitions and data. As soon as you run this program, pop up screen will appear and asks you to follow series of recovery steps as well as employ effective scanning technique to carefully treat the deleted files and recover them safely. The very first step is to choose the problem drive where the files were gone missing or has been deleted. Just in case if you’re looking for lost partition, press on ‘Find Partitions’ button located at the bottom. 

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Click on ‘Next’ once the drive is selected. There are mainly two types of recovery method: quick scan and full analysis. Quick scan delivers its intended job by giving you quick snap of deleted files and folders in the preview pane and allows you to restore file immediately.

Whereas, full Analysis is used to recover data from logically damaged or corrupted partitions as well as from removable media devices.

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User can stop scanning any time if they wish or found files they were looking for. Recover button is located at the top border of the software screen and is used to recover files right away.

Same recovery operation can be used to perform recovery from various other storage devices including SSD, removable media, internal or external hard drive etc. Manufacturer offers detailed video tutorial where user can learn more about the software: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PC67ZgFI5XA

Ease of use

The tool supports latest Windows operating system including Windows 8/ Windows 7/ Vista / XP etc. It has various other options to customize scanning as well as found files easily among the long list of files and folders.

The Verdict

Hetman Partition Recovery is a robust recovery tool that facilitates almost everything user may need to rescue files from problem storage devices. The tool is available in try-before-buy mode to explore its functionality and see preview of recoverable files before actual recovery. 

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