HealthKartPlus – Best Android App to search generic medicine, Order Online is one of a unique search engine in the market today. It is a generic medicine drug search engine which is also available on different platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows. HealthKartPlus Android App is a new method to search for generic medicine of same salt as prescribed by doctor. The site claimed that the users can Save up to 15% on medicine bills and earn additional rewards. In this post I am going to share features of search engine, Android App and how you can use order medicine online. Search Engine

When it comes to health, there is no one in the world who want to take risk. There may be concern among the users whether to use or not. In this blog I am not going to say that you should or shouldn’t use it, my aim is just to share the information about a very unique and innovative initiative that let users search cheap generic medicine and order them online.

Coming to the pros of the search portal, it helps you find out the names of the medicine at low price with same salt as prescribed. For example I have searched for Citrizine which normally costs Rs. 25 for 1 strip (10 tablet). Apart from finding the cheap substitutes (as shown in the figure below) of the drug, I like about the portal is that I can get complete information about the medicine.

Generic Medicine Substitute Search

As you can see in the image above, there are cheap substitutes with saving of up to 92%. Best part is accessibility of the complete information about the medicine such as Salt information, Typical Usage, Side Effects and some important FAQs. Other thing I like is that I can easily order the medicine. You just need to simply click on the medicine name and enter your pin code to check for availability. If the drug is available at your location just add it to your CART and proceed just like any other online shopping.

Order Generic Medicine Online

HealthKartPlus on Android

Users can also use the HealthKartPlus search engine App on their mobile platform by downloading the Android App. Once you installed the App it will look like shown in the figure below: Android App

Rest of the functionality are same as explained above for the search engine.

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