Guidelines When Choosing A Cool Gamertag For Xbox One

If you’re serious about your gaming, choosing a cool Gamertag for Xbox One shows your personality and adds a little bit of flair to your gaming experience. This is your way of standing out, and whether you’re a casual gamer or a streamer, this will define who you are in the gaming community.

Most gamers may have had faced this major problem whenever the first time they’ve started – so if you feel lost right now, you have to know that this is entirely normal. It’s tricky, you only get to choose one Xbox tag, and you want it to be perfect. We get it, which is why we’re here to help you come up with a tag that you can use for all your gaming platforms.

1. Make Sure You Know Xbox’s Rules

Xbox has specific rules (similar to any other platform) when choosing a tag. It needs to be 12 characters the most. If you’ve chosen any tag that’s less than 12 characters, you’ll be assigned a numerical suffix at random. This will ensure that your tag will be unique only to you.

2. Associate Your Favorite Game

One way or another, there’s this one game that has captivated your interest and heart. It can be an old game, a new one – it doesn’t matter. It’s something that you want to be associated with your name – and for most gamers, this works well. This helps them become known in the gaming community too. 

3. Consider Using Character Names You Love

Otherwise, if you don’t want to tie yourself down to just one game, you may want to consider associating your name and combining it with your favorite character’s name or personality. This makes it easier to create a personalized gamer tag. The sky is the limit, as countless gaming characters are making it easier on your behalf. You need to be creative, play with words, use your adjectives and modifiers.

4. Keep It Short, Unique, And Easy To Remember

Some people like to add some long numbers, but let’s be honest – not everyone can remember that. Remember, your Xbox One Gamertag will also serve as your branding. You have to choose something catchy, easy to remember, and unique all at the same time.

5. Use Your Hobbies For Inspiration

If you don’t like the idea of using gaming characters and games in your tag or username, you may always refer to your hobbies. This adds a bit of personalization and makes your tag more unique – more YOU. This can help you stand out amongst all the other tags out there.

6. Some Keep It Mysterious

There’s no right or wrong way of choosing a gamer tag – as long as you like it, it’s unique, doesn’t show hate, racism, and tells a bit something about yourself, defines who you are as a gamer, you’re set! You can even add a bit of mystery as it piques the curiosity of your viewers. 

7. Cool Name Generator

If all else fails, you can always use some of those gamertag generator tools. A quick search will give you an idea of what these websites are. Here’s how it works: you input a few words you wanted to be associated with your username, and it’ll randomly generate some random words mixing up your entered queries. You can play with language, add words, adjectives, your favorite hobby, or characters just like what has been discussed earlier. Your imagination is your limit. 

8. Try Making An Anagram

An anagram is a set of scrambled letters that do not make sense, only until the letters are re-arranged. While this may require more brainstorming than other methods, this will help you develop a unique gamer tag and add more oomph to it once everybody knows the real meaning behind that word.

While it’s true that you should take the time to think about a cool Xbox One Gamertag, remember that there are no specific rules to follow (other than the naming guidelines, of course). You can never have a wrong tag because this is you, your branding, your personality. If you have chosen one and in the middle of it you’ve found something better, remember that Xbox One allows you to change your tag at least once for free. However, the next changes already come with a price so always choose carefully.

Once you’ve found that tag you like, make sure that you secure it on all social media and gaming platforms and remain consistent, this is how you want to be known, so make sure that you’re using this tag consistently on all platforms – both gaming and social media. Even if you have no intention of using them yet, you’ve secured your handles at least until you’re ready to utilize social media.

Good luck in finding a cool gamer tag for your Xbox One and other gaming platforms!

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