Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6: The features!

About the much awaited game that everyone has been anticipating for quite long now. One of the best things that GTA 6 might have in store for many of you is the ability to customize the main character. (unlike in the earlier versions) You can change not just the general look but the entire person.

Missions: The GTA 6 shall come in the gaming world like a boss! Newness shall be added into the game as far as the missions as well as explorations are concerned. Apart from the odd jobs that were earlier there as missions, you will now have additional jobs such as army, robberies, etc. Basically, these little features will help you in giving a real look and feel in the most ideal way.

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6: The features!

Gameplay: The earlier version allowed you to buy just one house, while GTA 6 shall let you get more than just one apartment, but more. Also, you may be flaunt some interior decor skills with it!

More Vehicles: GTA 6 shall offer to the players an additional range of cars and vehicles which will make the entire game a major turn on. What is included in the list is Hot Rods, Chevy SS Camaros, 1950’s Ford Pickup Truck, 1967 Shelby GT500, and 1950’s Chevy Pickup Truck. To speak of more, there will be advanced options available to you for modifying the vehicles – speakers, some lights or the likes!

Seeing so much coming into the game, well, the game sounds like more than just fun! The entire look and feel of GTA 6 shall be a great experience for all!

Adding on to the already amazing experience is the VR support that will make the Grand Theft Auto 6 bigger and better. There are rumours that in this series, players can teleport, much like NFS 2015.

Shopping? Well, it is always fun! Be it in just a game or real life, being stylish is the ultimate thing! In GTA 6 you have options to buy from a range of clothes and add on to your list of clothes to give it a more real life feel. As said above, the game shall also allow you to customize cars and guns just like you want them to be. In this GTA 6, you can also bring some health back for your player.

Other rumours about the game include that of the location, release, etc. The most popular rumour claims that the game shall be located in Houston or Texas; however, users are expecting the location to be some American city like Miami or NYC.

And that was all about it, all the rumoured features for GTA 6! As and when time progresses, you shall know more!

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