Google Chrome Bandwidth Management Feature – Reduce Web Data Usage, Fast Browsing

Still searching the way to optimize your internet browsing experience on Mobile and Tablet, then you must Read this post which explains how Google Chrome New Bandwidth Management Feature helps achieving that. Chrome is the best browser on Windows platform and during the comparison of Top 5 Web Browsers for Android, Google Chrome has done good there also. In India 3G Internet is not yet cheap and consumers use that so but not anymore, Chrome for Mobile has come with Bandwidth Management feature that provides faster web browsing and option to reduce web data usage up to 50%.

Reduce Web Data Usage

Google Chrome Bandwidth Management Feature – How to use

Google Chrome Bandwidth Management feature is one the easiest way to reduce web data usage by considerable amount. To start with you need to install Chrome Browser on your device, after installation is done navigate to “Settings” Menu item and Click on “Bandwidth Management” as shown below:

Chrome Bandwidth Management

There you will see two options: Preload Web Pages and Reduce Data Usage. Click on later one and toggle the On/Off button to start saving data of your internet plan.

Reduce Data Usage in Chrome

Now go back and click on “Preload Web pages” option and select “Always” or “Only on Wi-Fi” as per your need. According to Chrome Official Web PageChrome can help you open webpages faster by predicting where you might go next on the page. The browser preloads the page’s data in the background, so the page can open immediately if you click its link. Keep in mind this feature may use a large amount of data on your mobile device.”

Preload Web Pages in Chrome

That’s all and your device is now configured to use less data and if you want faster loading use Prefetching option.


For testing purpose I have only opened using Google Chrome and to my surprise approx 26% of data was saved. See the screenshot below to see yourself.

Reduce Data Usage - Result

As you can see the image, the feature works perfectly fine and I strongly recommend to all Mobile internet users to opt for Google Chrome Bandwidth Management Feature.

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