Gaining Better Traffic Through Google’s Knowledge Graph

There are some stunning ways to include your content into the Google Knowledge Graph and get seen before the world for your targeted keyword. If you do not follow then also you may get lucky. But the following will help you get much closer to the target, and whether you rank or not, your chances of quick visibility through Organic methods would increase many times.

The importance of the Knowledge Graph in Google search results page

The Google search results page contains crucial information about many topics and terms in the form of a snippet box. This featured snippet box that stays above the search results on the top or at the top right-hand corner of the search result page, is a small box and called the Knowledge Graph box of Google. This box contains the first crucial information about the searched keyword, and often would quench the knowledge thirst of the user searching for it. Hence only factually correct and relevant information from the best content in a site gets chosen for this visibility. And already it must have been clear before you that why so much stress is given on content quality these days for the modern SEO.

Google introduced this feature in 2012. And now it offers a great way for those web pages which are struggling for visibility and rank to get visible. Such high-quality visibility ensures reputation and traffic both. There are some tips you can follow, which will help you get your website content being picked up by Google for showcasing in Knowledge Graph.

Schema Markup

Ensure by talking to your web developer and SEO service provider, that the codes for Schema Markup are properly used for the site to identify all key features and vital information. Without the proper use of the Schema code, many aspects, Meta title, description, definitions, and other important points do not get visible to the search engines. To make things ready to be read by the search engine easily, this kind of coding is essential. Important codes like rel=publisher and rel=author tell the search engines that the tagged content is original author’s content.

The right optimization for prominent searches

So that your content gets indexed by the search engine in the most prominent way, you must make the content more search engine friendly, and try to highlight the content the most in several ways. Some of the steps that may help are:

  • Quality content is highly needed to get noticed by search engines. If you are not nurturing quality content, then you must do it now. Your content must have information which answers vital related questions, then only you stand a chance to get shown in the People also Ask section or at the Knowledge graph section.
  • The organic links you build must get audited from time to time, so that you may rectify any flaw in the content in them. And this is how things can get monitored for the best content quality from time to time.
  • Whatever you create, always post it on Google Plus. This will increase the chances of Google indexing it much faster with even better chances of visibility.
  • The content you create must have variety. There must be various types of content including graphics, videos, infographics, etc.
  • Anyone can create a Wikipedia page or entry with the right facts. You can also create something for the public to gain knowledge in free. And when you create a Wikipedia page, your online identity gets associated with something noble, and sites created by you are looked upon with more integrity.

Registration to Online Databases

Online databases contain huge volumes of data and information on various commercial and non-commercial topics. When you contribute to such databases, then the value of your online entity and presence increase. Also the content you share here can lead to your site, and help you get some good authority connections. This is also a good way to get to Google’s visibility for the knowledge graph consideration.

Share healthy facts on social media

As the owner of the site, if you contribute with healthy information on social media sites, then your place in the eye of Google will get even better. This is a smart way to catch the limelight and get more visible as the creator and distributor of factual healthy and authentic information.

Research on the common questions

Researching on the common questions is great. When you research on the common topics and find out the most relevant questions people look answers for online, then you can prepare your content accordingly. The content you prepare must tactfully answer to the common questions in the most straightforward, relevant, and factual way. The shortest, richest, and most valuable answers do get considered by Google. And the answer may lie embedded in a long paragraph too. Google will do its job to extract that content from the paragraph.

To start with, find out the best possible questions people can ask on the topic you have created the website on. Now ensure your content on the site contains important short and precise answers to those questions, which have to be right and accurate factually. And that’s the best way to optimize your content for the People also ask section. If you are not sure how to do this, you must take help of professional content developers. The best content developers are always associated with the best SEO service providers. Hence you must discuss things with some of the reputed SEO services like the Keyword Fyrebird.


The Knowledge Graph is the shortcut to success in SEO because the importance of ranking on the first page of Google search results has been fading off ever since the snippet boxes have come to the limelight. With users turning more and more to sites that contribute to the snippets in Google, the traffic is now more diverted to these sites that contain the snippet contributing contents. Hence, your effort also should go there only for better and faster success in SEO and traffic building.

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