Free SEOPressor Alternative – Review of BloggerHigh SEO Plugin for WordPress

Free SEOPressor Alternative – SEOPressor is considered as The “Best WordPress SEO Plugin” and there is no doubt about that. But biggest roadblock in using SEOPressor plugin is that it comes for a price of 47$ for single site. Although if you look at the benefits that the plugin will offer to you Blog the price is not very high. Whenever a Blogger come across a WordPress plugin first thing he does is to search for free alternative of that plugin. I have done the same thing in looking for alternative of SEOPressor WordPress Plugin. I found a very cool alternative plugin – BloggerHigh SEO Plugin which provides almost all the necessary features at no cost.

Free SEOPressor Alternative

How BloggerHigh SEO Plugin is a prefect SEOPressor Alternative

After using SEOPressor for some time and observing main factors that are used in calculating SEO Score by SEOPressor I can definitely say that BloggerHigh SEO Plugin is the best free alternative available in the market now. To start using BloggerHigh SEO WordPress plugin you need to register for free SEOPressor Alternative. Once you have enter your email id in the sign-up form, you will receive an activation email. Click on the activation link to start downloading and using plugin. You need to navigate through various image links to read a page shown as below. Click on Zip file to start downloading

Now upload and install the zip file on your WordPress Blog. Activate the plugin as shown in the image below

Start optimizing your WordPress Blog Post with Plugin. Using the plugin is very simple, just enter the keyword you are targeting in the text box as shown below

Factors considered to calculate SEO Score are as follows:

  1. Keyword Density
  2. H1, H2 and H3 tag containing your keyword
  3. Keyword is in bold and Italics
  4. Keyword in ALT tag of images
  5. Post length
  6. Keyword in Post Title and first sentence
  7. Keyword in links

After optimizing your Blog post click on save as draft to refresh the SEO Score of BloggerHigh SEO Plugin.

Get Your Business on Top with Free SEOPressor Alternative

From the above section it is clear that BloggerHigh SEO Plugin can be used to rank your web page on Top of Google Search engine. But what you will meet with TOP SEO Rankings? The answer is money from more traffic on your Blog and more Conversion Rate. See the infographics below:



I strongly suggest every Blogger to use BloggerHigh SEO Plugin as free SEOPressor Alternative. It will help you save money from buying SEOPressor and attaining good SEO Ranks. 

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